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Parliamentary Procedure Books (Pre-1925 American)

Students of parliamentary procedure could easily believe that few works on procedure existed in the 1800's. Jefferson's Manual, Cushing's Manual, and Robert's Rules of Order are about the only old procedural manuals ever mentioned. Listed below in alphabetical order by author are books on parliamentary procedure printed in the United States prior to 1925.

Abbot, S. M. A Compendium of Parliamentary Rules. 1902.

Addeman, Joshua. Manual with Rules of Order, 1883.

Ainsworth, Franklin F. (compiler). Hill's Vest Pocket Rules of Order. David McKay, 1898. (several editions)

Alderson, E. W. The Essentials of Parliamentary Law. Sherman, Texas: Reynolds-Parker Co., 1906.

Atwood, Elvira. Parliamentary Practice. Indiana: The Eastern Star, 1906.

Bailey, Annie K. Manual of Parliamentary Law. Danbury, CN: 1903.

Barclay. Barclay's Digest. Washington, D.C.: The Government Printing Office. (several editions)

Bartlett, William H. The Parliamentary Pathfinder. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell & Co., 1902. (several editions)

Bartlett, William H. Handy Book of Parliamentary Law. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell Co., 1907.

Barton, William E. Rules of Order for Religious Assemblies. New York: Revell Co., 1910.

Beadles' Dime Debater and Chairman's Guide. 1869.

Benjamin, Mrs. A. S. Parliamentary Studies. Portland, MI: WCTU, 1906. (a series of four booklets)

Barton, William E. Rules of Order for Religious Assemblies. New York: Revell Co., 1910.

Bersford, Thomas. Derringer Pocket Book of Parliamentary Procedure. 1900.

Bethel, Mrs. Lilian Cole. A Compendium and Question Book of Parliamentary Law. Columbus, Ohio: Mrs. Lilian Cole Bethel, 1892. (several editions)

Blackburn, Mary St. Clair. The American Revolution; Outline of History; with a Compendium of Parliamentary Law by Harley V. Speelman. Washington: The Jos. L. Pearson Printing Office, 1914.

Blakely, William A. Blakely's Parliamentary Rules. Oakland, Calif.: Pacific Press Publishing Co., 1888.

Blanshard, Paul. How to Run A Union Meeting. New York: Workers Education Bureau of America, 1923.

Bolles, Albert S. Bolles' Manual for Business Corporation Meetings. Philadelphia: The John C. Winston Co., 1918.

Borie, George F. Borie's Manual of Rules of Order and Digest of Parliamentary Law. Philadelphia: Geo. F. Borie, 1892.

Boyd, R. H. Boyd's National Baptist Pastor's Guide and Parliamentary Rules. Nashville, TN: National Baptist Publications Board, 1900.

Boynton, Nathan S. Parliamentary Rules. Port Huron, Mich.: Boynton & Son, 1890.

Branch, John L. Rules of Parliamentary Procedure. New York: The Monograph Publishing Co., 1897.

Branch, John L. Parliamentary Practice Law Club. New York: The Monograph Publishing Co., 1899.

Branch, John L. Committee Practice and Procedure. New York: The Monograph Publishing Co., 1899

Bullock, Helen L. Condensed Parliamentary Rules, 1899.

Buckley, James M. Constitutional and Parliamentary History of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  New York: Methodist Book Concern, 1912.

Burleigh, Joseph B. The Legislative Guide. J. B. Lippincott, 1853. (several editions)

Clark, Aaron. Manual Compiled and Prepared for the Use of the Assembly. Albany, NY: Buel, 1816.

Clark, Anna E. Convention Parliamentary Law Tablet. Stevens Point, Wis.: Anna E. Clark, 1895.

Clark, Joseph H. Clark's Textbook on Embalming Including Parliamentary Pointers. Springfield, OH: 1893.

Coe, Sara Livingston. ABC of Parliamentary Law. New York: Sara L. Coe, 1921.

Coggins, Paschal H. Parliamentary Law. Philadelphia, The Penn Publishing Company, 1909. (several editions)

Cox, Isaac. The American Safeguard, or, The Constitution of the United States . . . and parliamentary rules. Salem, Ore., W. A. McPherson and Co., 1867.

Craig, Asa H. Questions and Answers on Parliamentary Rules. New York: A. Hinds and Co., 1891. (several editions)

Craig, Asa H and Mrs. A. C. Edgerton. Pros and Cons. New York: Noble & Noble, 1897. (several editions)

Craig, Lura Harris. Lessons in Parliamentary Law. Boston: R.G. Badger, rev. ed., 1925. (several editions)

Crocker, George Glover. Principles of Procedure in Deliberative Bodies. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1889; 2nd ed., 1894. (several editions)

Cromwell, Mrs. Emma Guy. A Compendium of Parliamentary Law for Organizations, High Schools, and Colleges. Chicago: Laird and Lee, Inc., 1918. (several editions)

Croswell, Sherman. Crosswell's Manual. New York State Legislature: 1856 (included in Clerk's Manual and Crosswell's Manual). (several publications)

Crowe, Thomas Jefferson. Vest Pocket Parliamentary Pointers. Detroit: T. J. Crowe, 1892. (several editions)

Cushing, Luther Stearns. Cushing's Manual: Rules of Proceeding and Debate in Deliberative Assemblies. Boston: William J. Reynolds & Co., 1845. (many editions)

Cushing, Luther Stearns. Lex Parliamentaria (Law and Practice of Legislative Assemblies of the United States of America). Boston: Little, Brown and Co., 1856. (several editions)

Davis. New Parliamentary Manual. New York: Hinds and Co., 1899.

Dick & Fitzgerald. The Debater, Chairman's Assistant, and Rules of Order. 1879.

Dick & Fitzgerald. The Finger-Post to Public Business. 1864.

Dick & Fitzgerald. The Young Debater and Chairman's Assistant. 1869.

Dodds, Harold W. Procedure in State Legislatures. American Academy, 1918.

Donoghue, Timothy J. How to Preside Practically and Properly at a Public or Private Meeting. Boston: Practical Publishing Co., 1904.

Donoghue, Timothy J. Vest-Pocket Webster's Pronouncing Dictionary and Manual of Parliamentary Practice. Boston: Donohue Henneberry & Co., 1902.

Duncan, P. H. Helpful Rules of Parliamentary Usage. Standard Publishing, 1902.

Dunn, Edward J. The Vest Pocket Cushing. New York: T. J. Carey Co., 1924.

Durham, W. F. Durham's Rules. Harlow, 1918.

English, Thomas D. The Rules of Order Governing Public Meetings. New York: Excelsior Publishing House, 1887.

Farr, J. W. Farr's Parliamentary Law. Chicago: A. Flanagan, 1898.

Felt, Orson B. Parliamentary Procedure for Deliberative Assemblies. Chicago: Frederic J. Drake and Co., 1902.

Felt, Orson B. Parliamentary Proceedings. Chicago: Frederic J. Drake & Co., 1900.

Fielde, Adele M. Parliamentary Procedure. New York: Adele M. Fielde, 1899. (several editions)

Fish, George T. American Manual of Parliamentary Law. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1879. (reprinted 1892). (several editions)

Fish, George T. A Guide to the Conduct of MeetingsNew York: Harper & Brothers, 1888.

Ford, J. A. American Pocket Pronouncing Dictionary and Parliamentary Manual. Battle Creek, MI: Review and Herald Publishing Co., 1894.

Fowler, Leonard B. Essentials of the Rules of Parliamentary Procedure. Fresno, CA: Franklin Press, 1903.

Fox, Emma A. Parliamentary Usage for Women's Clubs. New York: Baker & Taylor, 1902. (last edition in 1943). (several editions)

Frith, H. Chairman's Guide and Secretary's Companion. New York: Ward, Locke & Bowden, 1894.

Gaskell George A. Gaskell's Compendium of Forms: Educational, Social, Legal, and Commercial . . . and a Guide to Parliamentary Practice. Chicago: Fairbanks and Palmer Publishing Co., 1887. (several editions)

Gilfrey, H. H. Precedents, Decisions on Points of Order with Phraseology in the U.S. Senate 1789-1909. Government Printing Office.

Gleason, Fannie Mattoon. Gleason's Parliamentary Digest for Deliberative Bodies. Los Angeles: Kalamazoo Loose Leaf Binder Co., 1920.

Goff, Henry S. Rules of Order for Every Day Use. St. Paul: Webb Publishing Co., 1912.

Gore, James H. Congressional Manual of Parliamentary Procedure. Syracuse, NY: C. W. Bardun, 1893.

Goss, Walter S. Practical Parliamentary Rules. Marlboro, MA: Pratt Bros., 1889.

Grange, The. The Patrons' Parliamentary Guide. Washington: Gibson Brothers, 1874.

Gregg, F. M. Handbook of Parliamentary Law. Boston: Ginn & Co.: 1910.

Grubbs, W. B. Parliamentary Tactics. Cincinnati: Eden Street Publishing, 1890.

Felt, Orson B. Parliamentary Procedure for Deliberative Assemblies. Chicago: G. K. Hazlitt and Co., 1902.

Hackett, Frank W. The Gavel and the Mace, or Parliamentary Law in Easy Chapters. New York: McClure, Phillips and Co., 1900.

Hackett, Frank W. Parliamentary Rules. New York: McClure, Phillips and Co., 1901.

Hahn, Benjamin W. Hahn's Corporate Parliamentary Rules. Los Angeles: The Neuner Co., 1913.

Haines, Elijah H. Parliamentary Law. Chicago: Legal Publishing Co., 1885.

Hall, Alta B., and Sturgis, Alice F. Textbook on Parliamentary Law. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1923. (several editions)

Hallenbeck, William E. Rules Governing Order and Debate. New York: Wynkoop, Hallenbeck and Co., 1888.

Hallenbeck, William E. An Authority, Cushing Boiled Down. New York: Chiswick, 1896. (several editions)

Harrison, J. E. Parliamentary Usage of the General Conference of the M. E. Church. M. E. Publishing House, 1908. (several editions)

Henry, Dale E. Henry's Parliamentary Chart. Chicago: 1895.

Henry, W. H. F. The Practical Debater. Indianapolis: J. E. Sherrill, 1884.

Henry, W. H. F. How to Organize and Conduct a Meeting. New York: Hinds, Noble & Eldredge, 1902.

Herrick, William A. Powers, Duties, and Liabilities of Town and Parish Officers in Massachusetts; with Forms, and Parliamentary Rules for Conducting Town and Other Meetings (3rd Edition). Boston: Little Brown & Co., 1884. (several editions)

Hinds, Asher C. Precedents of the House of Representatives. U.S. Printing Office, 1905. (several editions)

Hinds, Asher C. Rules of the U.S. House of Representatives Plus Jefferson's Manual. U.S. Printing Office, 1900. (several editions)

Hollister, Lillian M. Manual of Parliamentary Terms and Procedure. Detroit: 1902.

Hoot, Harry W. The Columbian Parliamentary Compendium. New York: Scientific Publishing Co., 1897.

Hoot, Harry W. Parliamentary Tactics for the Use of the Presiding Officer and Public Speakers. New York: Scientific Publishing Co., 1893.

Howe, Frank W. Howe's Handbook of Parliamentary Usage. New York: Noble & Noble, 1892. (several editions)

Howell, Henry Clay. A Brief Manual of Parliamentary Law. Austin: Tex.: Gammel Book Co., 1900.

Hughes, Edward W. Hughes' Parliamentary Guide for Ohio General Assembly. Columbus, Ohio: The H. J. Heer Printing Co., 1920. (several editions)

Hughes, Edward W. Hughes' Manual of U. S. Parliamentary Practice. Columbus, Ohio: The H. J. Heer Printing Co., 1924. (several editions)

Hughes, Edward W. American Parliamentary Guide. Columbus, Ohio: The F. J. Heer Printing Co., 1922. (several editions)

Jefferson, Thomas. A Manual of Parliamentary Practice for the Use of the Senate of the United States (Jefferson's Manual). Washington City: Davis and Force, 1801. (many editions)

Jefferson, Thomas. Rules for Conducting Business in the Senate. Philadelphia: John Fenno, 1797.

Johnson, Edward M. The Clerk's Manual of Rules, Forms, and Laws for the Regulation of Business in the Senate and Assembly of State of New York, Including "Croswell's Manual", and an Appendix Compiled from All Parliamentary Authorities. Albany, New York: Weed, Parsons and Company, 1878. (several editions)

Johnson, Martha B. Ready Reference in Parliamentary LawPhiladelphia: Ferris and Leach, 1913.

Kerfoot, F. H. Parliamentary Law: A Text-Book and Manual. Sunday School Board, Southern Baptist Convention, 1899.

Kehr, Lizzie E. Practical Lessons in Parliamentary Law. Kansas City: Hudson, 1900.

King, E. S. A Practical Parliamentary Guide. East Lansing, MI: 1913.

King, E. S. Rules of Order for Business Men. Lansing, MI: Michigan Education Co., 1926.

Kinnaman, A. J. The Debater's Manual. Chicago: Dennison, 1887.

Kinsey, O. P. The Normal Debater1874

Lawrence, J. Manual of Rules of Order for Conducting Deliberative Assemblies. Dayton, OH: United Brethren Stereotype Foundry, 1855. (several editions)

Law, E. NorineParliamentary Law Made EasyDetroit, MI: Frank H. West, Printer. Approximately 1910?

Lee, J. Ross. Chromatic Chart and Manual of Parliamentary Law. Cincinnati: R. Clarke & Co., 1888.

Lee, M. W. Parliamentary Chart. Rand: 1902.

Lee, Mary Urquhart. Parliamentary Lessons: Based on "Reed's Rules." Chicago and New York: Rand, McNally & Co., 1899. (several editions)

Leffingwell, Samuel L. A Manual of Rules of Order. Indianapolis: 1891.

Leighton, Frederick. Student's Handbook of Parliamentary Law (3rd). 1920. (several editions)

Lewis, Mrs. John F. A Compendium of Parliamentary Law. New York: Otto Ulbrich Co., 1923.

Kerfoot, F. H. Parliamentary Law: A Text-Book and Manual. Nashville, TN: Broadman Press, 1899.

Lightfoot, L. The Disputant's Parliamentary Guide. 1886.

Longan, Emma Lard. Parliamentary Rules Made Easy. Kansas City, MO: Franklin Hudson Publishing Co., 1900. (several editions)

Longan, Emma Lard. Twelve Easy Lessons in Parliamentary Law. Kansas City, MO: F. Hudson Publishing Co., 1916.

Luce, Robert. Legislative Procedure: Parliamentary Practices and the Course of Business in the Framing of Statutes. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1922. (several editions)

Lyon, J. A. A Manual of Parliamentary Law. Lyons & Carnahan, 1898. (several editions)

Mackey, Albert G. Masonic Parliamentary Law. New York: Charles Merrill Co., 1875.

Macoy, Robert. Worshipful Master's Assistant. The Encyclopedia of Useful Knowledge Concerning the Duties, Responsibilities and Prerogatives of the Worshipful Master; Also, the Other Officers of the Lodge Embracing Full Instructions Upon Parliamentary Law...with All Other Matters Essential to the Honorable and Successful Government of a Masonic Lodge. New York: Robert Macoy, 1885.

Macy, Jesse. Parliamentary Procedure. American Academy, 1892.

Marsh, Alice L. Parliamentary Law for Young People. Detroit: Auditorium Press, 1924.

Matthias, Benjamin. Rules of Order: A Manual for Conducting Business in Town and Ward Meetings, Societies, Boards of Directors and Managers, and Other Deliberative Bodies.  Philadelphia: Lindsay & Blakiston, 1867 (Eleventh Edition). (First edition 1846). (several editions)

McElligott, J. N. The American Debater. New York: Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co., 1855.

McKee, Thomas H. Manual of Congressional Practice. 1891.

McTyeire, H. N. Rules of Order. Barbee, 1899.

Mell, P. H. A Manual of Parliamentary Practice. Louisville: Baptist Book Concern, 1867. (several additions)

Mendenhall, Lewis. Pocket Manual of Parliamentary Law. Chicago: Shrewsbury Publishers, 1916.

Myers, Allen O.  American Manual of Legislative Practice: The American Manual containing Rules, Terms and Definitions as used in Deliberative Bodies1900

Neely, Bishop Thomas B. Neely's Parliamentary Practice. New York: The Abingdon Press, 1914. (several editions)

Neely, Bishop Thomas B. The Parliamentarian. Cincinnati, New York: Jennings & Graham, 1895. (several editions)

Ober, Carolyn F. First Lessons in Parliamentary Law. Chicago: 1898.

Oklahoma University. Student's Manual of Debating and Parliamentary Practice. University of Oklahoma, 1914.

Palmer, Clarence A. A Compendium of Parliamentary Rules. St. Paul: Minnesota Typographic Co., 1907. (several editions)

Palmer, Edmund. A New Parliamentary Manual: A Guide for Deliberative Bodies, and a Text-Book for High School. New York: Hinds & Noble, 1901. (several editions)

Patrons of Husbandry. The Patron's Parliamentary Guide. Washington: Gibson Bros., 1874.

Paul, Nannette B. Parliamentary Law with Diagram of Motions. New York: Century Co., 1908. (several editions)

Payne, F. M. Cushing Boiled Down--An ABC Guide to Parliamentary Law. New York: Platt & Nourse Co., 1896.

Payne, F. M. Rules of Order Governing Public Meetings. New York: Excelsior, 1887.

Penfield, Mrs. E. Jean. Outline Study of Parliamentary Law. Mt. Vernon, NY: 1914.

Palmer, Edmond. A New Parliamentary Manual: A Guide for Deliberative Bodies, and a Text-Book for High School. New York: Hinds And Noble, Publishers, 1901.

Pittinger, William. The Chairman's Guide. 1868.

Pitts, John D. Pitts' Digest of Parliamentary Procedure. Texas, 1901.

Plummer, Mary Redfield. Practical Lessons in Parliamentary Procedure. Cleveland: Phyllis E. Plummer, Publisher, 1921. (several editions)

Plummer, Mary Redfield. Ready Reference on Principal Parliamentary Points. Chicago: Jackson Press, 1914.

Porter, Tilla B. A Textbook of Parliamentary Law. Cleveland: Evangelical Press, 1890. (several editions)

Prichard, Maria F. Parliamentary Usage for Women's Clubs. Cincinnati: R. Clarke & Co., 1894.

Reed, Thomas. B. Reed's Parliamentary Rules: A Manual of General Parliamentary Law. Chicago: Rand, McNally & Co., 1894. (reprinted 1898) (several editions)

Rice, Joseph C. Rice's Parliamentary Rules. Chicago: Stanton and Van Vliet Co., 1925.

Riddle, A. P. Legislative Practice. Crane & Co., 1912.

Robert, Henry M. Parliamentary Law. New York: D. Appleton-Century Co., 1923. (several editions)

Robert, Henry M. Parliamentary Practice: An Introduction to Parliamentary Law. New York: D. Appleton-Century Co., 1921. (several editions)

Robert, Henry M. Pocket Manual of Rules of Order for Deliberative Assemblies (Robert's Rules of Order). Chicago: S. C. Griggs & Co., 1876. (many editions)

Robert, Henry M. Robert's Rules of Order Revised. Chicago: Scott, Foresman, & Co., 1915. (several editions)

Robert, Joseph Thomas. Primer of Parliamentary Law, 1900. (several editions)

Robert, Joseph Thomas. A Parliamentary Syllabus. Chicago: Scott, Foresman & Co., 1897. (several editions)

Roberts, Kate Louise. The Club Women's Handybook of Programs and Club Management. New York: Fund & Wagnalls, 1914.

Robeson, Henry J. Diagrams of Parliamentary Rules According to Both Cushing and Robert. Ann Arbor, MI: J. Moore, 1882.

Robinson, William S. Warrington's Manual. Boston: Lee & Shepard, 1875.

Robson, Ethel Hedley. Dramatic Episodes in Congress and Parliament: A Parliamentary Reader. Boston: The Atlantic Monthly Press, 1923.

Roe, J. Newton. Practical Parliamentary Law. Chicago, 1912.

Roe, J. Newton. Rules of Order and Parliamentary Practice for Colleges, Societies, Lodges. Chicago, 1894.

Rogers, Allen E. A Manual of Essentials of Parliamentary Law. 1908.

Rogers, Milton N. Roger's Rules of Order. Minneapolis, 1904.

Scanlon, Charles M. Rules of Order. Milwaukee: M. H. Wiltzius Co., 1906. (several editions)

Semelroth, William J. Outlines of Rules of Order. Peoria, IL: 1888.

Shattuck, Harriette R. The Women's Manual of Parliamentary Law. Boston: Lee and Shepard, Publishers, 1891. (1895 edition notes "25th thousand") (several editions)

Shattuck, Harriette R. Advanced Rules of Parliamentary Law. Boston: Lathrope, Lee & Shepard, 1898.

Shattuck, Harriette R. Shattuck's Parliamentary Answers. Boston: Lathrope, Lee & Shepard, 1915.

Sheldon, Addison E., and M. Keegan. Legislative Procedure in 48 States. Lincoln, NE: 1914.

Sherman, Mary Belle King. Parliamentary Law and Rules of Procedure. Chicago: Pettibone Press, 1904. (several editions)

Sherman, Mary Belle King. Parliamentary Law at a Glance. Chicago: Shepard, 1900. (several editions)

Silence is Golden for Those Who Know Not When nor Where nor How to Talk Chicago: American Philomathic Society, 1920.

Smith, Henry H. Digest of Decisions and Precedents of the Senate and House of Representatives of the U.S. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1894.  (several editions)

Smith, Henry H. Constitution of the United States of America with the Amendments Thereto; to which are added Jefferson's Manual of Parliamentary Practice, the joint rules in force at the close of the Congress and a Digest. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1877.  (several editions)

Smith, Joseph and Thomas W. Smith. A Manual of Practice and Rules of Order and Debate for Deliberative Assemblies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Lamoni, Iowa: Board of Publication of the Church of Christ, 1876 (approved for the General Conference April 1875 by a committee composed of W.W. Blair, M. H. Forscutt, and J.S. Patterson). (several additions)

Smith, Uriah. Key to Smith's Diagram of Parliamentary Rules. Battle Creek, MI:  Review & Herald, 1881. (several editions)  

Smith, Uriah. Smith's Diagram and Parliamentary Rules. Cincinnati: Pettibone, 1885. (several editions) 

Smoot, Rev. R. K. Parliamentary Principles (Presbyterian). Louisville, KY: Webb & Breeding, 1875. 

Smull, John A. Manual of Rules of the G. A. of Pennsylvania. 1867.

Smull, John A. Smull's Legislative Hand Book and Manual. 1891.

Speelman, H. V. Compendium of Parliamentary Law. Washington: 1914. 

Spofford, Ainsworth R. (edited by John J. Lalor). A Practical Manual of Parliamentary Rules. Chicago: A. H. Andrews & Co., 1884.

Stern, Renee B. Clubs, Making and Management. Rand, McNally & Co., 1925.

Stevens, Edward A. American Law of Assemblies. Minneapolis, 1901.

Strong-Tracy, Elizabeth. The Club Women's Friend. Houston: J. V. Dealy Co., 1909.

Strong-Tracy, Elizabeth. Series of 6 Parliamentary Drills. 1912.  

Stuart, Louis C. Parliamentary Points of Order. Kansas City: R-E-P Co., 1922. 

Sturgis, Alice F. and Alta B. Hall. Textbook on Parliamentary Law. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1923.  (several editions)

Sutherland, Joel B. A Congressional Manual: Or Outline of the Order of Business in the House of Representatives of the United States. Philadelphia: Peter Hay & Co., 1839. (several editions)

Tobey, Rufus B.  Common Sense Rules of Order. Boston: School of Printing, 1912. 

Trow, Cora WellesThe Parliamentarian: A Manual of Parliamentary Procedure, Extemporaneous Speaking, and the Art of Debate. New York: The Gregg Publishing Co., 1923. (several editions)

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Vancil, Frank M. The School Congress. New York: E. L. Kellogg Co., 1900.

Walworth, Ellin H. Parliamentary Rules. New York: 1897.  

Waples, Rufus.  A Handbook of Parliamentary Practice.  Chicago: Callaghan and Co., 1883. (several editions)

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Webster's Chairman's Manual and Speakers' Guide (Showing Plainly and Clearly How to Preside Over and Conduct Every Kind of Public Meeting). New York: Robert M. De Witt, 1871.

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Western Rural Rules of Order and Rallying Song Book. 1882.

White, M. C. White's Ready Reference Chart of Parliamentary Usage. Columbus, OH: 1907.

Whitney, Byrl A. Parliamentary Guide. Chicago: Lyons & Carnahan, 1923. (several editions)  

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Wright.  Wright's Comprehensive Chart of Parliamentary Practice. Boston: Watkins, 1897.

Wulff, Ida E. A Textbook for Parliamentary Practice Classes. Cincinnati: 1922.        

Young, Andrew W. Citizens' Manual of Government and Laws. 1854. (several editions)

Young Men's Christian Association. Primer of Parliamentary Law. YMCA, 1916.

Jim Slaughter is an attorney, Certified Professional Parliamentarian, Professional Registered Parliamentarian, and past President of the American College of Parliamentary Lawyers. He is author of four books on meeting procedure, including Robert's Rules of Order Fast Track and Notes and Comments on Robert’s Rules, Fifth Edition. Jim is a partner in Law Firm Carolinas. For more information, visit

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