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Certified Professional Parliamentarian-Teacher

The CPP-T designation is the highest parliamentary procedure classification of the American Institute of Parliamentarians. It denotes expert knowledge of numerous parliamentary authorities, including Robert’s Rules of Order, The Standard Code ("Sturgis"), and Demeter’s Manual, experience and ability as a parliamentarian, scholarly research in parliamentary topics, and dedication to the improvement of parliamentary procedure.

Professional Registered Parliamentarian

The PRP designation is the highest parliamentary classification of the National Association of Parliamentarians. It denotes passing an extensive examination on the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order as well as experience and ability as a parliamentarian.


Jim is a partner in the North Carolina law firm, Law Firm Carolinas. He is certified as both a mediator and an arbitrator. Jim is admitted to the North Carolina State Bar, several U.S. District Courts, and the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States. Jim is past President of both CAI's College of Community Association Lawyers and the American College of Parliamentary Lawyers.


Jim has instructed parliamentary procedure in many settings, including college and continuing legal education, and has served on the faculty of the Riddick Parliamentary Procedure Practicum in Williamsburg, Virginia; the Thais M. Plaisted Memorial Parliamentary Procedure Practicum in Pomona, California; and the Puerto Rico Parliamentary Procedure Practicum of the American Institute of Parliamentarians.


Jim is author of four books on running effective meetings, including:

Jim Slaughter