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News articles on Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure appear below, with most recent articles appearing first.

How To Stop Wasting Time In Meetings And Actually Get Things Done



Now, I enlist Robert's Rules of Order to ensure my meetings stay on topic. U.S. Army officer Henry Martyn Robert developed this manual over a century ...

Commission tables size reduction, again

Claiborne Progress

Commissioner Steve Mason seconded the motion. Shuford questioned the propriety of tabling the resolution, referring to Robert's Rules of Order, a ...

Students show off technology skills

Elbert County News

Do you know how to run an official meeting according to Robert's Rules of Order? Can you use a rat trap to power a car? Have you ever designed a ...

ASUCR debates over possible liabilities of a Lyft initiative

Highlander Newspaper

... that by putting him on leave, Cortes felt that Idea and herself would be given time to review Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure.

NWA EDITORIAL: How long to listen? City Council weighs measure to shorten meetings

Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The whole idea behind Robert's Rules of Order is development of a reliable process by which group decisions are made possible and efficient.

Starr calls Measure B a naked power grab by Nguyen during debate

Tri County Sentry

... a few exceptions); requires training on the use of Robert's Rules to enable better-run meetings; requires advance videotaping of staff presentations ...

Lorain Council votes to create work session meetings

The Morning Journal

But council follows Robert's Rules of Order for procedure, she said, and she asked if the meetings will become a “free for all” in a less formal setting.


Mayor: Council agreed to updated rules at retreat

Robert's Rules of Order, a manual of parliamentary procedure that governs most organizations with boards or other voting bodies, have been used for ...


Edinburg leadership mulls vacant posts


They are also set to discuss and possibly take action on Robert's Rules of Order and city council procedural rules. This has been a topic of interest in ...


Saturday Essay: States must drain the DC swamp

Toledo Blade

Members would elect a president. The rules of the convention would likely be a combination of Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary procedures.


Beaufort Co. Council members attempt to remove chairman, but vote fails. What happens now?

Hilton Head Island Packet

“In Robert's Rules of Order, there is a long sequence that is required to remove the chair,” Rodman said. “In this particular case, I don't believe what ...

Ready to caucus? Catholics, start your engines

The Catholic Spirit

Caucuses are run by volunteers using Robert's Rules of Order. Below is the general outline of how to caucus, adapted from information provided by ...


The Journal

She goes on to explain, “I am the parliamentarian for SGA, meaning I make sure we follow our own rules and Robert's Rules of Order. I also chair the ...

Seminars to teach dos, don'ts of co-op leadership

AG Week

Topics include: fiduciary responsibilities, Robert's Rules of Order, co-op principles, financial management, risk management, roles and responsibilities ...


St. Cloud City Council made right by adopting new rules

St. Cloud Times


Now to the positive actions taken by the council. They adopted a section on principles of civility and professional conduct from Robert's Rules of Order.


Flint City Council approves new committee leadership


A total change of the legislative's body's behavior can be accomplished by implementing Robert's Rules the right way, Davis said. Robert's Rules of ...

Sandyston appoints interim school chief

New Jersey Herald

... from New Jersey School Boards Association field representative Kathy Helewa on the use of parliamentary procedure and Robert's Rules of Order.

For The Love Of Iowa


After the final votes were counted, everyone convened in a large classroom for a town meeting. Robert's Rules of Order were followed precisely as ...


Public comments stir the ballot initiative pot

Tri County Sentry

... the use of Robert's Rules to enable better-run meetings; requires advance videotaping of staff presentations to allow more time for public comments; ...


Stanton schedules infrastructure grant public hearing

Greenville Daily News

... to bring this up because there have been a few times that we've deviated from parliamentary procedure or Robert's Rules,” he told commissioners.


Student Bar Association updates bylaws, approves new student organization's charter

GW Hatchet

“In the absence of such a clause, it's against Robert's Rules of Procedure,” Smith said. Senators unanimously approved the Remedial Act to Preserve ...


Ranshaw, colleagues at odds

Commonwealth Journal's History

Hatfield responded that the court doesn't follow Robert's Rules of Order and urged Ranshaw to add his items to the agenda prior to the next meeting ...

Big Park President's Message: Council seeks pulse of community

Verde Independent

Suggestions for seating setup improvement, desire for more information on the Council website, training on Robert's Rules of Order, and committee ...


Mays ejected from Flint City Council meeting, stripped of leadership roles

East Village Magazine

Councilperson Fields (4th Ward) clarified that council rules comes first, asserting that Robert's Rules of Order come into play if council rules do not say ...


North Venice development may get another chance before City Council


Robert's Rules of Order says a member can move to rescind regardless of how he or she voted on the matter to be rescinded. Because Fiedler hadn't ...

Sheriff's request for interrogation room denied, 3-2; Space goes to EMS for breakroom

Dorchester Banner

Robert's Rules of Order is a reference used by various organizations as a guide in proper conduct of meetings. Among the many topics addressed is ...

Chesterville residents review land use ordinance, board bylaws

Daily Bulldog

They generally follow the practices of Robert's Rules of Order, as well as state law. The bylaws also indicate that the board will meet on the first and ...

County board re-elects Sangster as vice-chair, reaffirms mission and vision statements

Cheboygan Daily Tribune

“These supersede the Robert's Rules,” said Wallace. “When there's nothing covered by these, then Robert's Rules take over for our meetings and the ...

After heated exchange, vote stands on chairman of Halifax County Board of Supervisors


Claiborne said Robert's Rules of Order states that the first person to receive a majority of the votes cast wins. The ED-8 supervisor received three ...

qathet Regional District committee postpones decision on directors' memos

Powell River Peak

He said there are a number of other examples in Robert's Rules of Order that outline how a written communication can come before the assembly.

Board approves new voting procedure

Helena Daily World

... business, director Dianna Podawiltz told chair Cindi Erickson that she had the right to raise a question of the chair, under Robert's Rules of Order.

Williams refuses to apologize, vacates council chamber

Belleville Intelligencer

McCaw had the floor to which Williams argued with the mayor and seemed agitated and pointed out Robert's Rules of Order, but Panciuk ruled in ...

Savannah City Council to elect mayor pro-tem

Savannah Morning News

The day begins with a workshop at 10 a.m. where the members will be given a presentation on Robert's Rules of Order. Also on the workshop agenda ...

City Council debate: Do members give up the right to criticize a majority decision?

St. Cloud Times

He said most of the concepts listed in the rules of conduct are found in documents the council has already adopted: Robert's Rules of Order — a guide ...

Second opinion on 'no' vote given to aldermen

Branson Tri-Lakes news

That makes Robert's Rules of Order your presiding governing procedure in handling your meetings. … That being said, we need to look at the larger ...


Chairman squabble arises; board to hold special meeting next week after supervisor calls vote ...


But now one supervisor, ED-6 Supervisor Stanley Brandon, is saying the incorrect supervisor was declared chairman based on Robert's Rules of ...

Co-op Board Cowers in Closed Session

Rio Grande Sun

... when Naranjo sided with the minority and chose Vigil and Marquez voted to abstain, which by Robert's Rules of Order gives his vote to the majority.

City changes two street designations

Echo Press

... year about the rules of procedure it will follow. It voted to follow its own rules of decorum and procedures, based mostly on Robert's Rules of Order, ...

Fair Board Changes Meeting Etiquette

Times-Union Newspaper

Checketts said the fair board is actually “only governed by the Robert's Rules of Order, so we don't have to discuss anything that's not on the agenda.

Viewpoints: Herndon

Virginia Connection Newspapers

I attended a town council meeting to honor Green Lizard Cycling. I thought the session was well-structured with Robert's Rules (of Order) procedures.

Permit denied for medical marijuana dispensary in Ionia


The Ionia Planning Commission follows Robert's Rules of Order, meaning a majority must be reached for approval. Dunaskiss argued in other ...

Community Broadcaster: Community Radio Relevant as Ever

Radio World

... especially their most popular ones, for what can seem like dry Robert's Rules of Order procedurals or blatant grandstanding by lawmakers. Nothing ...

Byesville holds first council meeting of the year

The Daily Jeffersonian

In conferring with Attorney Bill Ferguson, village legal counsel, the mayor learned that, in the absence of a formal policy, Robert's Rules of Order ...

Manchester Village Council holds first regular meeting of new year

The People's Defender

... and enact the American Legal Publishing Ohio Basic Code, an ordinance to adopt Robert's Rules of Order, an ordinance to increase appropriations

County Board Meets to Organize

The Southside Messenger

So, once again this is very disappointing- that once again this is how the board operates, so be it.” Robert's Rules of Order for small groups, requiring a ...

Madison City Attorney Michael May to retire


"His enthusiasm for Robert's Rules (and the Badgers) his love of the law (and Latin), his dapper ties (and wizarding robes) will be missed by many of ...

Public Comments Highlight Conflicting Opinions about Gettysburg School Board

Gettysburg Connection

Hewitt said “Robert's Rules of Order,” which is to be followed at board meetings, requires an immediate vote after the nominations. You “fractured ...

Court appoints Tiede to county library board

Delaware Gazette

Tiede is competent in parliamentary procedure according to Robert's Rules of Order. Fuller states in the press release, “(Tiede's) leadership and ...

Given chance to select 1st Latina leader, Bethlehem City Council opts for status quo


Some expressed concerns that Waldron is not well-enough versed in Robert's Rules of Order and has too “light of a gavel.” Council meetings in recent ...

School committee chair honored for service

Wicked Local Norwood

... subcommittees and obeying the provisions of the open meeting law and Robert's Rules of Order to consistently maintain transparency and decorum.

Salida City Council to Hold Joint Work Session and Regular Meeting

The Ark Valley Voice (press release) (blog)

... with regard to the low income housing tax credit project and an adoption of Bob's Rules of Order, a streamlined version of Robert's Rules of Order.

Complaint to the Open Meetings Compliance Board has been filed

scotteblog.com (blog)

... two board members that the vote was being conducted in a manner against Robert's Rules, which is supposed to be used for all board meetings.

Board minutes

Manila Bulletin

The record of the proceedings of a corporate board is called the “minutes.” In legislative bodies, it may also be referred to as the “journal.” The minutes ...

Ranked-choice voting initiative favors no one but voters

Anchorage Daily News

Robert's Rules of Order recommends preferential voting, and many private organizations use it for their elections, including the American Association ...

Troy Democratic council majority members sworn in

Troy Record

Zalewski used a copy of "Robert's Rules of Order, 11th Edition," by Henry Martyn Robert and Sarah Corbin Robert. McDermott used the Bible that was ...

Waukegan holds second vote regarding property tax levy after lawsuit challenges last vote's legality

Chicago Tribune

Long said while Robert's Rules of Order, the procedural system the city uses, says an abstention is generally counted as neither a yes nor a no, that is ...

OPINION: No One is Above the Law – Including Congress

Douglas County Herald

... House Democrats cheerfully ran roughshod over the rules of civil procedure, legal precedents, House rules and “Robert's Rules” during Intelligence ...

Weirton moves forward with post

The Daily Times

Council also passed a resolution adopting Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition, with modifications for a small assembly and a format ...

Records must be made available upon written request

Naples Daily News

A: First of all, according to Robert's Rules of Order the proper protocol is motion, second, discussion and then a vote. So, technically, if the motion is not ...

Lycoming County starts live streaming public meetings


The county follows Robert's Rules of Order for its meetings, however, since there are often very few members of the public who attend the meeting, the ...

Four Ballot initiatives get certified

Tri County Sentry

... few exceptions); requires training on the use of Robert's Rules to enable better-run meetings; requires advance videotaping of staff presentations to ...

East Clinton FFA qualifies for State Parliamentary Procedure

Wilmington News Journal, OH

The teams demonstrate all of Robert's Rules of Order on how to effectively run an FFA meeting and handle items of business. The Novice team was ...

ISRD votes in confusion — Coordinator says public outreach not “mandated”

Northwest Asian Weekly

Frestedt, appearing perplexed, apologized to the audience and asked for a five-minute recess so she could consult her copy of Robert's Rules of ...

Open Forum: Former Horse Racing Commissioner Responds to Removal

St. John Source (press release)

... version of the February 8, 2019 meeting minutes where Robert's Rules of Order was unanimously adopted by all Commission members who were in ...

Health care district board members work well together

Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber

11 gathering that the board would not adhere to “strict interpretations of Robert's Rules of Order.” “That's more appropriate for what's going on back ...

Editorial: Keep personal attacks out of public meetings

Kingsport Times News

There's nothing in state law, much less Robert's Rules of Order, that requires a public body to allow public comment at a meeting. It's entirely a public ...

'I Do Have Skill Sets': Molalla River School Board Chair Keeps Position Amid Controversy

Canby Now Podcast

My only problems is with Robert's Rules. Eventually, I'll get that skill set. I'm learning.” For her part, Satter said her concerns weren't isolated to the one ...

Finance Board Looks Ahead to Budget Work


First Selectman Dan Rosenthal said a session had been coordinated during the spring, which also described Robert's Rules of Order. He would like to ...

Governor Removes Watson From Horse Racing Commission

St. John Source (press release)

8 meeting, he said, the commission voted to adopt Robert's Rules of Order for conducting its official business and under those rules the vote to remove ...

Yakima City Council gets training on how to have productive meetings

Yakima Herald-Republic

Beehler said the training focuses on Robert's Rules of Order, a guide for conducting meetings and making decisions as a group, as well as basic ...

Who's playing politics with investigations? and other commentary

New York Post

The central sources of anxiety: “Impeachment itself serves as nothing more than a Rorschach test of worry set to Robert's Rules of Order,” while all the ...

Bellevue councilwoman wants another vote on removing officials from office

Omaha World-Herald

He said that mechanism is defined in Robert's Rules of Order — the rules that govern how many public meetings are conducted. Albers said a new ...

Horse Racing Commission at a Standstill

St. John Source (press release)

8, 2019 meeting, where the commission voted to adopt Robert's Rules of Order for conducting its official business, this vote did not count because, per ...

Free training on parliamentary procedure Jan. 23 in Pulaski County

The Lane Report

Zella Pearson, president of Priority 1 Inc. in Somerset, will lead the group through the guidelines of Robert's Rules of Order, the most widely used ...

Mayor Blocks Move To Support Staffer Fired Over Parking Tickets


In fact, Robert's Rules call for the chair, in this case Hagerty, to state a motion once it is seconded. Further, the Evanston City Council's rules require a ...

Beaufort leaders delay contentious decision over preservation group's role on city board

Hilton Head Island Packet

“If any apology needs to be given, it's for (Keyserling) clearly violating Robert's Rules of Order and stifling debate of the public and council.”.

Effort to amend Seneca County tourism budget fails

Finger Lakes Times

“That's not specifically in your rules of order, so we go to Robert's Rules, which require a two-thirds approval.” That meant Lorenzetti's proposal ...

Barnes is sworn in as Summerfield mayor: 'I want for us to be the pride of Guilford County'

Greensboro News & Record

Summerfield has never adopted formal rules of parliamentary procedure, relying mostly on Robert's Rules of Order which, town staff once wrote in a ...

Hairston skeptical of proposed ordinance mandating attendance-taking at committee hearings

Hyde Park Herald

She observed that Robert's Rules of Order, which regulate committee meetings, allow for a quorum call at any time. “Let me just say this, that I have ...

Nelson Women's Centre elects new board at tense annual general meeting

Nelson Star

... run by Robert's Rules of Order and feature typical aspects of an AGM including presentation of financial statements and the election of a new board.

Attempt to unseat school board president fails

Houma Courier

... with some calling attention to the board's failure to follow Robert's Rules of Order during meetings and criticizing Huddleston's professionalism.

Both sides file motions in Powers lawsuit

The Wilton Bulletin

... follow Robert's Rules of Order for making a motion and thus 37 motions made by the board in 2019 must be vacated and future motions must follow ...

Man Removed From Wheeling Council Meeting During Public Safety Building Debate

Wheeling Intelligencer

... as both talked over each other on whether council understood and followed Robert's Rules of Order, a manual of parliamentary procedure.

Big Changes Afoot for Akron City Council in 2020


... in a little more professional manner, kind of tighten down the Robert's Rules of Order, and how we operate ourselves and police ourselves,” he said.

R. Rules Invited To Summerfield Meetings

The Rhino TImes (satire)

Barnes said this week that the town has never adopted Robert's Rules of Order or any other method for running council meetings, but he added that's ...

Politics dominates Shelton BOE decision

CT Insider

Kutash said that, according to Robert's Rules, discussion must first be closed by a two-thirds vote of the board before any vote on the action item could ...

SLNC Finally Elects Co-Chairs

Los Feliz Ledger

I have a cool head [and] I have a commitment to integrity, fairness, and process,” Fox Robbins said. ”My grasp of Robert's Rules is still developing and ...

More drama unfolds after reinstating of Minden police officers

Minden Press-Herald



... that occurred during the process of terminating the police officers, specifically, a failure to follow Robert's Rules of Order in the case of Shane Griffith, ...

SEIDMAN: Time to rebalance interests of developers and public in Sarasota

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

But midway through the process of polling individual votes — and contrary to Robert's Rules of Order — board member John Mast, CEO of the ...

New rules expose infighting among Wyoming Republicans


“The Wyoming Republican Party is governed by its bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order,” the release stated. “Some processes are marked as strictly ...

Two votes, two abstentions settle agritourism case

The Laconia Daily Sun

The town relies on Robert's Rules of Order for the conduct of meetings, but Planning Board Assistant Stephen Laurin wanted to be sure that there was ...

Natrona GOP head says he was investigated by party

Wyoming Tribune

“The Wyoming Republican Party is governed by its bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order,” it read. “Some processes are marked as strictly confidential.

Tribal Council can't get override to kill Prospect housing project

The Robesonian

After the vote was taken, the council members debated the definition of “seated members” in Robert's Rules of Order, the guidelines for parliamentary ...

More turmoil in Rockaway Township over points of order, lack of public discussion

New Jersey Hills

The argument over the consent agenda spilled into “Old Business” with Jedynak referencing the Robert's Rules code of conduct, which municipalities ...

University senate calls closed meeting, supports Graduate Bill of Rights

Purdue Exponent

... or closed meetings, everything discussed within the meeting is kept confidential to protect individual privacy, according to Robert's Rules of Order.

CPOA board member resigns

Albuquerque Journal

“I am aware that Board Member (William) Kass intends to lead a discussion about 'punishing' me pursuant to Robert's Rules of Order for taking a ...

Split votes stymie AP deputy mayor selection


Councilwoman Maria Sutherland pointed out that there has always been a vote in the past. Buhr said he was going by Robert's Rules of Order, but a ...

Rx for Broward Health: End the secrecy | Editorial

Valliant News

Rather than cite state law, she cited Robert's Rules of Order, which guide how meetings are conducted. So long as Capasso was on the board, the ...

Penn State students, faculty and former candidates. Who's in the running for State College mayor?

Centre Daily Times

Pulling from borough solicitor Terry Williams' memo sent last week on Robert's Rules of Order, Myers said council members will nominate mayoral ...

Council to see more contracts

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

To avoid inundating council with contracts, they will be gathered into a list called a consent agenda, also known by Robert's Rules of Order as a ...

Council lowers threshold for reviewing consultant contracts

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

To avoid inundating council with a plethora of contracts, they will be gathered into a list called a consent agenda, also known by Robert's Rules of ...

Ready To Get Started: Century Charter Review Committee Meets


The committee heard a presentation on meeting procedures and Robert's Rules of Order. They also reviewed paper copies of a Powerpoint ...

Could Sebastian's new City Council overturn the controversial 1118-acre annexation?


Robert's Rules of Order, the council-adopted parliamentary procedure for meetings, allows only those on the prevailing side to revisit a vote, Stokes ...

Edgewater leaders to get public meeting training

Daytona Beach News-Journal

In any case, a refresher course on Robert's Rules and best practices couldn't hurt. Paine earned his Ph.D. from Syracuse University in 1985 and has ...

Pasadena's mayor sought unity. His meetings show divide.

Houston Chronicle

Local laws govern how meetings are run, deferring to the commonly used “Robert's Rules of Order,” with added stipulations such as: “Speakers must ...

BG council OKs parking legislation


According to the legislative package document prepared for council, “as Council is aware, it was recently discovered that Robert's Rules were not ...

With new tech in play for town meeting voting, Lenox brushes up on rules of order

Berkshire Eagle

Among the procedures outlined by Ketchen, based on Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary law, voters can act on any motion made during the ...

Borough Council's Three-Week Mayoral Guideline Debate Stalls With Vote To Table Decision

Onward State

Actual work experience in local government; Willingness to commit to Robert's Rules of Order; Demonstrable experience conducting public meetings ...

Eatontown mayor addresses fighting, resignations and perception of government


Caruso, who was appointed to the council in September, has suggested that the council follow Robert's Rules of Order at future meetings. Robert's ...

The Knoxville Focus for November 4, 2019

The knoxville focus

The four commissioners on the pension board, Brad Anders, Larsen Jay, Randy Smith and Hugh Nystrom, should know Robert's Rules of Order and ...

Cardon Separation Terms Revealed, McGuire Reappointed

Traverse City Ticker

Kelly told The Ticker the mistake was hers, as she was following Robert's Rules of Order instead of Michigan's School Code. She indicated a special ...

Tensions High as Debate Continues Over Interim Mayor Guidelines

State College News

It's not unreasonable, she said, to expect a mayoral candidate who will adhere to Robert's Rules of Order, has experience conducting public meetings ...

What has all this 'experience' done?, by Mike Giacomo

The Keene Sentinel

Firstly, city functions and Robert's Rules just aren't that complicated, and we have incredibly helpful and knowledgeable city staff to point us to required ...

UPUA Votes To Denounce 'The Censored' Event And Its Speakers

Onward State

... Assembly that the Judicial Board upheld last weeks by-laws alterations to transition parliamentary procedure from Robert's Rules to Modern Rules.

City of Atlanta City Council met October 1

Sangamon Sun

Melanie Blankenship asked if the City followed Robert's Rules. And she felt the Library Liquor Permit should not be granted. Randy Brooks outlines ...

SGA Reforms Must Abide By Existing Rules of Order

The Trinity Tripod

Still, in these discussions, several proposals came to my attention that are deeply troubling: the potential elimination of Robert's Rules of Order as the ...

Do-Over Required On TCAPS Board Appointment

Traverse City Ticker

Board President Sue Kelly tells The Ticker the mistake was hers, as she was following Robert's Rules of Order instead of Michigan's School Code.

Waynesville mayoral candidates speak on the issues

Smoky Mountain News

In other words, I ensure that Robert's Rules of Order are kept in place. Other than that, I have no other authority whatsoever. I couldn't give you a job.

Starr and Percell file ballot initiatives with the city

Tri County Sentry

... legislative bodies meet no earlier than 5:00 pm (with a few exceptions); requires training on the use of Robert's Rules to enable better run meetings; ...

St. Croix County park meeting gets heated


A County Board member threatened to summon authorities after a meeting attendee spoke up during a contentious debate involving private property ...

SGA meeting divided between two campuses

The Signal

Robert's rules were almost completely disregarded by a lot of people and it just threw the meeting into chaos.” Copyright © 2019 | Georgia State ...

Council Split on Guidelines for Picking Interim Mayor

State College News

... proposed guidelines for candidates that included work experience in local government, willingness to commit to Robert's Rules of Order, experience ...

A nightmare scenario for 2020: A tie that can't be broken. It's conceivable.

Washington Post

... to fully deliberate on the issues before them. Their meetings should be run under Robert's Rules of Order and be open to citizens and to the media.

Student government elects new senate speaker

The News Record

She has been tested online on how to run senate meetings in accordance to Robert's Rules of Order, the most widely practiced manual for ...

Supervisors to use county attorney in recall hearings

Northern Virginia Daily

Atwood said “point of order again,” holding up a copy of the book “Robert's Rules of Order,” which dictates policies for governmental meetings.

From Rock and roll to Robert's Rules of Order: DOA front man Joe Keithley on his transition to politics

CityNews Vancouver

It was a year ago a local punk rock icon won a seat on Burnaby city council. Joe 'Shithead' Keithley has spent decades on the road with his band ...

Fingerprints may answer who is responsible for distributing racist fliers in 2017 Edison Board of ...


This allows council members to meet outside of the parameters of a typical council meeting without violating Robert's Rules, which determines how ...

UPUA revises constitution, funds Election Day event

The Daily Collegian Online

Parliamentary procedure and Robert's Rules of Order are not as strictly followed as UPUA's Ad Hoc Committee on Parliamentary Procedure would ...

PSJ commissioners lack formal meeting policies

Port St. Joe Star

And, it turned out, the city does not operate under Robert's Rules of Order, which governs most public hearings, according to city attorney Adam ...

UPUA Funds the 2019 PSU Votes Election Day Event

The Underground

Through this Ad Hoc committee, it was determined that UPUA does not strictly follow Robert's Rules, which are the rules currently used.

Trump to America: Yeah, so what?

San Francisco Chronicle

He was a lion for liberal causes during his long career, but he didn't always play by Robert's Rules of Order. When reporters hit him with detailed and ...

Planning Commission adopts public comment rules

Cleveland Daily Banner

"Many of the items are already outlined within Robert's Rules of Order; however, the subject resolution provides a standardized outline and ...

Casper City Council has option to reconsider Plains sale

Oil City News

City Manager Carter Napier said he thinks that the Robert's Rules of Order, which guides the actions of the city council, would allow a motion to bring ...

Ulster County Legislator Rodriguez faces possible censure

The Daily Freeman

Bartles said censure is the available method under Robert's Rules of Order for the Legislature to express “severe displeasure,” and is considered the ...

Valedictorian mess still not over after voting snafu

The Cherokee Scout

Andrews – The will of the board was one thing, but the decision was quite another, thanks to Robert's Rules of Order. The Cherokee County Board of ...

Qualicum Beach looks to drop Robert's Rules of Order


The Town of Qualicum Beach is amending its procedural bylaw that includes removing Robert's Rules of Order as a guideline for meeting procedures ...

Nalzaro: PB should adopt Robert's rules of order

Yahoo Philippines News

The Robert's rules of order was introduced by Henry Martin Robert (May 2, 1837), who was an American soldier, engineer and author. In 1876, Robert ...

Civics 101: What is Robert's Rules of Order?

Kingsport Times News

When a group adopts Robert's Rules of Order as its go-to source for the running of meetings, the group also may adopt its own set of guidelines for ...

Student associated council revises funding policy

Sac City Express

“In Robert's Rules of Order words, (the term 'must recuse themselves') takes away the voice and vote. Therefore, saying 'must recuse' is against ...

Councilmen cast accusations, threaten censure of board member

Statesville Record & Landmark

He did so because, under Robert's Rules of Order, only council members who had voted in the majority on a decision could bring the topic back to the ...

Route 7 storage facility wins approval

The Ridgefield Press

Robert's Rules. Katz didn't get a chance to outline his concerns about the application to fellow commissioners. He'd began the discussion by making a ...

Council approves bus grant, denies Summit Crossing plan

Northern Virginia Daily

Options could include Pennoni appealing the decision in Circuit Court, or the council holding another vote. Referencing Robert's Rules of Order, ...

James Knight: The Methodist muddle

Gainesville Sun

... truth is that the United Methodist Church is bound by the Book of Discipline to a rigid “Robert's Rules of Order” system in which 50%-plus-one-vote is ...

Gala proceeds provide scholarships

Muskogee Daily Phoenix

"They mirror us in how to conduct business meetings, following Robert's Rules of Order," Carter said. "Sometimes we sit down, we have a monthly ...

Student Senate organizes week for mental health awareness

The Daily Eastern News

... resolution voting and emergency bill voting, as some of the senators are still new to Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure voting.

BG bag ordinance inadvertently bagged by council




Marsh said the effect of tabling the ordinances indefinitely and and not acting on them essentially caused them, under Robert's Rules of Order – the ...

Sarasota city leaders long for shorter meetings

Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Brody suggested that giving members a time limit for questions would help, while Commissioner Jen Ahearn-Koch thought adhering to Robert's Rules ...

Hivnor designated as certified municipal clerk

Norwalk Reflector

"Right now I'm studying to be a certified parliamentarian,” said Hivnor, who is becoming familiar with Sunshine laws and Robert's Rules of Order.

BACK IN TIME: Haworth Can Claim Author of 'Robert's Rules'

Pascack Press & Northern Valley Press

HAWORTH, N.J.—Whether or not we know it, we're all living by Robert's Rules. The most widely used manual of parliamentary procedure in America, ...

Wilton selectmen ordered to court for Powers lawsuit

CT Insider

Powers, a petitioning candidate for first selectman, alleges the Board of Selectmen did not, on a number of occasions, follow Robert's Rules of Order ...

UO senate kicks off the year with a packed orientation

Oregon Daily Emerald

... senate meetings more productive than in years past, including employing Robert's Rules of Order, a book is used across the world for parliamentary ...

UO senate kicks off the year with a packed orientation

Oregon Daily Emerald

... senate meetings more productive than in years past, including employing Robert's Rules of Order, a book is used across the world for parliamentary ...

Victoria Rose Opponents Lose Appeal in Superior Court

The SandPaper

“Thus pursuant to these rules (Robert's Rules of Order), only the four members who voted against the site plan approval in the original decision could ...

Candidate for Wilton First Selectman is Suing the Town


Michael Powers, a petitioning candidate, claims that the Board of Selectmen did not follow Robert's Rules of Order on numerous occasions.

City leader Bob Fowler joins Helen Heritage Hall of Fame

White County News

He said you see this book, this is called Robert's Rules of Order. I want everybody to take it home and read it, because this is the way I will conduct my ...

Alhambra City Council Hears Report on Funding for Low and Moderate-Income Residents

Alhambra Source (press release)

 The Council also officially adopted new meeting rules, replacing Robert's Rules of Order with a set of simplified parliamentary rules, Rosenberg's ...

Playbook for all future hearings

Escanaba Daily Press

They're always bringing “Robert's Rules of Order” to a gun fight and, consequently, always losing. That's no small thing. Democracy is hanging by a ...

GPSA Unveils New Budget Approval System, Elects New Leaders

Cornell University The Cornell Daily Sun

... fundamental information on the nature of the GPSA and top ten FAQ on topics relating to the Robert's Rules of Order and the withdrawal process.

Windsor teen running for Mayor: 'We need voices from all perspectives'

Complete Colorado

“I've lived in Windsor my entire life,” Rivera said. “I understand how to pass legislation. I understand Robert's Rules (of Order), so I can run a council.

Justin Alexander: All You Need To Know About SC Republicans' Canceled 2020 Primary


What does Robert's Rules tell us about precedent? That custom is important, but cannot override a clearly established written rule. The reasoning is ...

Can There be a “Meeting” Under the FOIA in the Absence of a Quorum? The Appellate Court Just ...

JD Supra (press release)

For example, a Superior Court judge ruled that a recess in a school board meeting for the purpose of reviewing Robert's Rules of Order was a ...

Tensions run high among Fairfield Board of Selectmen

Fairfield Citizen

Fairfield's primer on Robert's Rules states that it is “very important to never get personal in discussion, and that only the merits of the item be discussed ...

Delavan's Residential Maintenance Program helps the Colony House

Pekin Daily Times

... which he was not present, be removed from the consent agenda and presented with the regular business of the meeting pursuant to Robert's Rules.

Hostility, Accusations Dominate Fairfield BOS Contamination Talks


... the latest developments surrounding illegal dumping at the town public works yard, First Selectman Mike Tetreau was citing Robert's Rules of Order.

Touchstone Finalist: United Way's Emerging Leaders Program


Like Robert's Rules, and why everyone needs to yay or nay," she said. The group visited different non-profits, like the Duluth Children's Museum and ...

Does the Wet Suit You

Laguna Beach Independent Newspaper

Perhaps they were even Robert's Rules of Order. Complaints about a lack of civility aren't a new phenomenon. Our politics have always been heated.

Milford town attorney: No manipulation in police chief case

Milford Daily News

.. 27 years of working with the meeting protocol Robert's Rules of Order, 19 years of experience with municipal law specifically, his oaths as a member ...

Harris County Commissioners Adopt New Construction Guidelines

Construction Citizen (press release) (blog)

... for the “second chance” program, Commissioner Ellis, the official who spearheaded the changes and who is the master of Robert's Rules of Order, ...

New Senators sworn in, Executive Board positions confirmed at meeting

The Justice

He said that by the next meeting, the Senate proceedings would be governed by a set of rules formally known as Robert's Rules of Order, a set of rules ...

Kabakov files for D21 seat

Dalles Chronicle

She said she's attended many business meetings that are run similarly to school board meetings, in terms of following Robert's Rules of Order.

Former CRUHSD board president accuses current member of bullying

Mohave Valley News

Hoffman added that Cardone “should follow Robert's Rules of Order” while conducting board business. “If not, he should be removed or resign,” ...

General Student Senate

The Maine Campus

Vice President Chase Flaherty discussed the Robert's Rules Item of the Week: point of privilege. He reminded the senate that they should be calling ...

Student senate has first meeting of school year

The Daily Eastern News

Following a short break and another ice breaker activity, Perri took the floor again to go over the bylaws and go over the basics of Robert's Rules and ...

City Council's secret ballot violates open meeting law, expert says

St. Cloud Times

Robert's Rules of Order is the standard for facilitating discussions and group decision-making. But the state's open meeting laws take precedence over ...

Amid allegations of squashing free speech, Alhambra leaders backtrack on public speaking rule ...

The Pasadena Star-News

In August, the City Council moved to change from one rule set for parliamentary procedure to another — from Robert's Rules of Order to Rosenberg's.

Avon commission denies zone change for controversial Nod Road Development

Hartford Courant

... caveat didn't stop the crowd from participating, with shouts and groans that hamstringed the commission's attempts to follow Robert's Rules of Order.

City Council tables proposed pothole contract

Wyoming Tribune

City Attorney Michael O'Donnell told council members that according to his recollection of Robert's Rules of Order, tabling an issue without setting a ...

Mejia Amendments Limit Speech and Civic Engagement in Alhambra


... the start of city council meetings from 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm and replace Robert's Rules of Order with Rosenberg's Rules of Order at city meetings.

Alhambra City Council Looks To Limit Speaker Time and Adopt Other Changes to Meeting ...

Alhambra Source

... and adopting a simplified set of parliamentary rules, known as Rosenberg's Rules of Order, rather than the longer, more complicated Robert's Rules ...

St. Croix and St. Thomas at Odds on Horse Racing Commission

Saint Croix Source

But over the weekend, he and the St. Croix members issued a letter stating the change is invalid because it did not follow Robert's Rules of Order.

Thomson to discuss marijuana regulations

Carroll County Mirror-Democrat

A sign-in sheet will be provided for anyone wishing to make a public comment. Robert's Rules of Order and proper Parliamentary Procedure will be ...

Bethlehem councilman Bryan Callahan apologizes for rules violation, but says he wasn't the lone ...

Allentown Morning Call

Callahan said Tuesday night he's not the only one who violated Robert's Rules of Order during that meeting. Callahan played several recorded ...

Bethlehem City Council reflects on meeting, adds council member

WFMZ Allentown

Callahan asked Spirk whether or not, under Robert's Rules, one council member was allowed to directly question another council member as it was ...

Much of St. Martinville City Council meeting spent on civics lesson

The Daily Iberian

... and the city's legal counsel took turns explaining the city's charter, Robert's Rules of Order and, in some cases, basic grammar to the mayor.

Lincoln County supervisors argue over payroll issue


A pair of Lincoln County supervisors Tuesday loudly argued over the responsibilities of the job before settling down to discuss warning signs to ...

Troy City Council Procedure Impacted By 'Robert's Rules'



Suddenly, Republican Council President Carmella Mantello tried to invalidate the measure by invoking "Robert's Rules of Order," a standard the.

CalPERS makes major governance shift

Pensions & Investments

... new education program for new board members and board members designees, and a switch to Rosenberg's Rules of Order from Robert's Rules of ...

Casper Notebook: Who's Robert and why do we use his rules?

KPVI News 6

The book, Robert's Rules of Order, is now in its 11th edition, with the 12th anticipated sometime next year. The rules guide nearly every city council ...

Op-Ed: People who are experiencing homelessness can self-govern

Real Change News

They gathered to discuss village operations, vote on internal affairs and elect leadership — all while adhering to Robert's Rules of Order. Eleven years ...

LRSD parent perspective: This is what unity really looks like

Arkansas Times (blog)

No, it wasn't governed by Robert's Rules of Order, but it also was not defined by the type of shouting, screaming and disorder that ensued once the ...

How a meeting over a routine board appointment became Bethlehem City Council's most streamed ...

Allentown Morning Call

Callahan was twice warned at the meeting that he was violating Robert's Rules of Order for ascribing motives to council members actions, and ...

Barnestorming: Robert has ruled all the fun out of town meetings

Worcester Telegram

The book was named as the town's official town meeting rules at some point, replacing “Robert's Rules of Order,” which can still be easily bought at ...

Nonprofit Briefs: Volunteers are our valuable resource

Citrus County Chronicle

A simple version of “Robert's Rules of Order” keeps a meeting on track. There always should be a set of minutes recorded for reference and follow-up.

School board member issues public apology to tribe

Teton Valley News

Mello said that much of the July 30 meeting was disrespectful and pointed to Robert's Rules of Order that could help support the board while they ...

The pastor and the clerk

The Presbyterian Outlook

They take seriously the record-keeping and administrative aspects of their job, while also knowing enough Robert's Rules to keep good order during ...

Commissioners hear from health board president

Marietta Times

He said Marietta College had a couple of classes on how to serve on boards, which he went to, along with classes on Robert's Rules of Order. He said ...

Key to success: Moffat County's Kimber Wheeler ready to make impact after Key Club convention

Craig Daily Press

Other topics at the convention were more on the formality of effectively running meetings, such as Robert's Rules of Order. “There's a proper way to ...

Council votes to keep appointed school board

Dothan Eagle

Under Robert's Rules of Order, three beats two every time (the vote total to appoint Yadira Chavez to the school board earlier this year). I didn't run off ...

Bookmark: Readers debate whether to finish bad books

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Larry Etkin of Minneapolis said in his entire reading life there's only one book he hasn't finished: “ 'Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised,' which I ...

GVR vote means BAJA won't get pickleball access

Green Valley News

"If you read Robert's Rules of Order, one of the things they encourage is that the members of the board should be free to vote however they choose ...

Collinsville residents call township 'embarrassing' after chaotic, combative meetings

Belleville News-Democrat

... which the township posts to YouTube, trustees often break into arguments with each other and the township supervisor over Robert's Rules of Order, ...

TANNIS NELSON: Why organizations need rules of order


Currently the 11th edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) is the most widely adopted parliamentary authority. The parliamentary ...

Kelowna city councillor speaks to Rutland residents about McCurdy project

Keremeos Review

“What I wanted to offer was—there are no rules; there's no Robert's Rules of Order. What happens on social media is people say whatever they want ...

Unorderly township board

Escanaba Daily Press

... ineptness, absurdity, immaturity, rudeness and just plain unprofessionalism. the board held a meeting with total disregard to Robert's Rules of Order.

GEPB board makes decisions on cable contracts, hears reports

Glasgow Daily Times

Adoption of new rules of procedure to replace Robert's Rules of Order, usage of which was repealed during the last meeting, was tabled to provide ...

How to build confidence in the board chair

MultiBriefs Exclusive

There are books and cheat sheets to make rules easy to understand and apply, especially “Robert's Rules of Order for Dummies” or the “A-B-Cs of ...

Scottsbluff city council will re-address pathway project, sidewalk sales during special meeting ...

Scottsbluff Star Herald

Shaver said Robert's Rules of Order for meetings should have allowed any member of the board to pull off individual items to discuss separately, ...

Wahpeton swears in new police officer

Wahpeton Daily News

Wahpeton follows Robert's Rules of Order, which discourages the practice of allowing an undisclosed topic to be included on agendas. Council ...

CCPS releases wording of nickel tax ballot question

Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era

According to Robert's Rules of Order, groups can merge routine discussion points into one agenda item and vote on all items in one action. The local ...

Shenandoah notes: Residents, council irritated about 'rogue' signs


... however their calls for comment were rejected by Wheeler after he consulted with Ferebee on proper procedure under Robert's Rules of Order.

Judge to rule on Wayne State board dispute in 10 days

Crain's Detroit Business

Burdett also cited a second provision in Robert's Rules of Order that discusses counting ex-officio members toward a quorum. "There is a second ...

After Vote, Troy Remains Divided Over Sanctuary Status


At one point, Council President Carmella Mantello, a Republican, tried to invalidate the measure by invoking "Robert's Rules of Order," a standard the ...

Edinburg mayor talks transparency after breakfast to promote accessibility


Instead, he said, he is trying to keep decorum and adhere to Robert's Rules of Order, a guideline first published in 1876 meant to promote fair and ...

Danville school board gives itself good marks for transparency

Danville Advocate

Robert's Rules of Order — following the correct procedures for motions, seconds and discussion during meetings;; serial meetings — avoiding ...

Allegheny County Republicans To Try Again On Leadership Vote

90.5 WESA

But Ron Hicks, the party's solicitor, notes that Robert's Rules of Order – a bedrock text for public bodies – explicitly says leadership must be chosen by ...

Cannon withdraws support for city charter amendment

Dorchester Banner

Ms. Foster said, “First of all, you guys sit up here and you violate all the time, especially Robert's Rules of Order.” As voices were raised, Mayor Victoria ...

Did Maine Township End Public Debate Too Early?

Journal & Topics Newspapers Online

However, as outlined in Robert's Rules of Order and other sources of how official meetings should be conducted, it says that closing debate on a ...

DelConte unanimously elected OCSD board president, says 'humbled by confidence'


“Heather's service on the county Legislature has informed her greatly around Robert's Rules of Order and formality of the meeting that we have a ...

Quorum Fails At Memebership Meeting

Diamondhead News Online

With less than one year before restrictive covenants begin to expire, the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association have failed to reach a quorum  . . .

Why are non-profits failing? Because we are not dedicated “for the good of the order.”

News Talk Florida

Actually, in most cases, it is quite simple. You need simple and responsible management; someone who knows the governing docs, Robert's Rules of ...

Commissioners want justice for infant

Portsmouth Daily Times

Tackett stated he felt the board did not follow Robert's rules of order by not permitting members of the public to address the board prior to entering into ...

'Giving back to the community'

The Fayetteville Observer

The program also devotes class time to Robert's Rules of Order and the legal responsibilities of a governing board. “It covers any topics that a board ...

City Council's proposed bylaws pushed aside again

The Winchester Star

... contained in the City Charter, City Code and Robert's Rules of Order, the most widely used parliamentary procedure manual in the United States.

EPB board elects officers, reviews annual write-off procedures


The board retracted the use of Robert's Rules of Order. The parliamentary procedure manual was greatly debated because the board has never used ...

Lawyer: HCC illegally went into executive session for administrator interviews


At that time, Vaught said an executive session does not need discussion and the Horry County Attorney Arrigo Carotti said that under Robert's Rules of ...

Aberdeen School Board Says No to Town Hall Meeting, Invites Public to “Talk with the Board ...

Newstalk KBKW

“We follow Robert's Rules of Order, but we also don't want people to be frustrated. We hope these summer sessions provide more opportunity for ...

Letters from Readers June 26, 2019

Antelope Valley Press


All Boards should be following Robert's Rules of Order! Miik Miller. Lancaster. Dissolve the Democratic party. Nancy Pelosi, Minority leader in the ...

Tempers flare at Surrey council meeting as mayor threatens to remove councillor



The meeting began with Pettigrew asking the mayor whether he was using Robert's Rules of Order to run the meeting, which are outlined in the City of ...

Grassroots group elated after success at tense Saskatoon Co-op meeting

Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Early in the meeting, during a period of procedural chaos that required several references to a paperback copy of Robert's Rules of Order, Wicks ...

Two SG senators forced to resign their seats following Tuesday's meeting

The Independent Florida Alligator

After Shaw responded, Lima attempted to raise a parliamentary inquiry. Despite this being a procedure allowed by “Robert's Rules of Order” which the ...

Amid party rift, Republican leaders resign

Powell Tribune

Later, Kimmet acknowledged that Robert's Rules of Order say standing up is one way to ask for the floor. “... I was not aware of that and I would like to ...

City Council Passes $566 Million Budget – Twice

The Rhino TImes (satire)

According to Robert's Rules of Order a motion to reconsider brings back to the floor a motion that has already been voted on and can only be made by ...

Mayor declares Superior Council president won't come down to chance

Superior Telegram

... Maria Davis, as well as conducted his own research into state law, city ordinances and Robert's Rules of Order in crafting an alternate opinion.

Superior Councilor Van Sickle Blasts City Attorney Prell As Incompetent, Lazy

FOX 21 Online

Robert's Rules of Order also allows a wide range of process through which elections within an assembly or organization may be made. Specifically ...

New Ethics Commissioners Yet To Be Announced, Expected To Take Oath In August

Long Beach Business Journal - Long Beach News

... for the remaining four commissioner's seats and receive a refresher on relevant laws, such as the Brown Act and Robert's Rules of Order.

Recreation Merger Vote Fails in Woodland Park


While the vote was 24-24, according to Robert's Rules of Order, procedures which are part of the club's bylaws, a tie vote results in a loss. Prior to the ...

CHV gets mired in parliamentary dispute

The Villager

That led to a debate about Robert's Rules of Order that didn't resolve anything. Council member Weil was asked by the mayor if he wanted to discuss ...

Austin City Council delays contract vote on Butler Pitch and Putt

Austin American-Statesman

That included dipping into some Robert's Rules of Order minutiae, and vote in which a majority of the council on the dais were in favor of something ...

Rosenthal Hopes Public Meeting Training Becomes A Regular Thing

The Newtown Bee

Part of the reason the first selectman helped arrange for this specific CCM training is because Newtown's Charter stipulates that Robert's Rules shall ...

Cooper elected Speaker of the House

Airdrie Today

A self-proclaimed “parliamentary nerd,” Cooper said his love of procedure and Robert's Rules of Order, as well as his character, are likely why his ...

Graham adopts budget with no tax increase, comment

Burlington Times News

... to make the city's advisory boards more effective with better training in boards' duties and standards and procedures like Robert's Rules of Order.

Bickering delays Florence One board meeting


Pipkins also attempted to quote Robert's Rules of Order and read an excerpt of an article from South Carolina Press Association legal counsel Jay ...

Legal counsel to serve as parliamentarian for St. Martinville City Council tonight

The Daily Iberian

Durand has asked to officially consider adopting Robert's Rules of Order as the basis for the council's meetings. He also will present the council with a ...

What Clients Say...

Your expertise and knowledge enabled us to run our meetings in an orderly manner. The parliamentary procedures that you pointed out were not familiar to me and I think it contributed greatly to our success.

President LeRoy F. Saunders

American Council of the Blind