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Robert's Rules in the News

News articles on Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure appear below, with most recent articles appearing first.

Touchstone Finalist: United Way's Emerging Leaders Program


Like Robert's Rules, and why everyone needs to yay or nay," she said. The group visited different non-profits, like the Duluth Children's Museum and ...

Does the Wet Suit You

Laguna Beach Independent Newspaper

Perhaps they were even Robert's Rules of Order. Complaints about a lack of civility aren't a new phenomenon. Our politics have always been heated.

Milford town attorney: No manipulation in police chief case

Milford Daily News

.. 27 years of working with the meeting protocol Robert's Rules of Order, 19 years of experience with municipal law specifically, his oaths as a member ...

Harris County Commissioners Adopt New Construction Guidelines

Construction Citizen (press release) (blog)

... for the “second chance” program, Commissioner Ellis, the official who spearheaded the changes and who is the master of Robert's Rules of Order, ...

New Senators sworn in, Executive Board positions confirmed at meeting

The Justice

He said that by the next meeting, the Senate proceedings would be governed by a set of rules formally known as Robert's Rules of Order, a set of rules ...

Kabakov files for D21 seat

Dalles Chronicle

She said she's attended many business meetings that are run similarly to school board meetings, in terms of following Robert's Rules of Order.

Former CRUHSD board president accuses current member of bullying

Mohave Valley News

Hoffman added that Cardone “should follow Robert's Rules of Order” while conducting board business. “If not, he should be removed or resign,” ...

General Student Senate

The Maine Campus

Vice President Chase Flaherty discussed the Robert's Rules Item of the Week: point of privilege. He reminded the senate that they should be calling ...

Student senate has first meeting of school year

The Daily Eastern News

Following a short break and another ice breaker activity, Perri took the floor again to go over the bylaws and go over the basics of Robert's Rules and ...

City Council's secret ballot violates open meeting law, expert says

St. Cloud Times

Robert's Rules of Order is the standard for facilitating discussions and group decision-making. But the state's open meeting laws take precedence over ...

Amid allegations of squashing free speech, Alhambra leaders backtrack on public speaking rule ...

The Pasadena Star-News

In August, the City Council moved to change from one rule set for parliamentary procedure to another — from Robert's Rules of Order to Rosenberg's.

Avon commission denies zone change for controversial Nod Road Development

Hartford Courant

... caveat didn't stop the crowd from participating, with shouts and groans that hamstringed the commission's attempts to follow Robert's Rules of Order.

City Council tables proposed pothole contract

Wyoming Tribune

City Attorney Michael O'Donnell told council members that according to his recollection of Robert's Rules of Order, tabling an issue without setting a ...

Mejia Amendments Limit Speech and Civic Engagement in Alhambra


... the start of city council meetings from 5:30 pm to 6:00 pm and replace Robert's Rules of Order with Rosenberg's Rules of Order at city meetings.

Alhambra City Council Looks To Limit Speaker Time and Adopt Other Changes to Meeting ...

Alhambra Source

... and adopting a simplified set of parliamentary rules, known as Rosenberg's Rules of Order, rather than the longer, more complicated Robert's Rules ...

St. Croix and St. Thomas at Odds on Horse Racing Commission

Saint Croix Source

But over the weekend, he and the St. Croix members issued a letter stating the change is invalid because it did not follow Robert's Rules of Order.

Thomson to discuss marijuana regulations

Carroll County Mirror-Democrat

A sign-in sheet will be provided for anyone wishing to make a public comment. Robert's Rules of Order and proper Parliamentary Procedure will be ...

Bethlehem councilman Bryan Callahan apologizes for rules violation, but says he wasn't the lone ...

Allentown Morning Call

Callahan said Tuesday night he's not the only one who violated Robert's Rules of Order during that meeting. Callahan played several recorded ...

Bethlehem City Council reflects on meeting, adds council member

WFMZ Allentown

Callahan asked Spirk whether or not, under Robert's Rules, one council member was allowed to directly question another council member as it was ...

Much of St. Martinville City Council meeting spent on civics lesson

The Daily Iberian

... and the city's legal counsel took turns explaining the city's charter, Robert's Rules of Order and, in some cases, basic grammar to the mayor.

Lincoln County supervisors argue over payroll issue


A pair of Lincoln County supervisors Tuesday loudly argued over the responsibilities of the job before settling down to discuss warning signs to ...

Troy City Council Procedure Impacted By 'Robert's Rules'



Suddenly, Republican Council President Carmella Mantello tried to invalidate the measure by invoking "Robert's Rules of Order," a standard the.

CalPERS makes major governance shift

Pensions & Investments

... new education program for new board members and board members designees, and a switch to Rosenberg's Rules of Order from Robert's Rules of ...

Casper Notebook: Who's Robert and why do we use his rules?

KPVI News 6

The book, Robert's Rules of Order, is now in its 11th edition, with the 12th anticipated sometime next year. The rules guide nearly every city council ...

Op-Ed: People who are experiencing homelessness can self-govern

Real Change News

They gathered to discuss village operations, vote on internal affairs and elect leadership — all while adhering to Robert's Rules of Order. Eleven years ...

LRSD parent perspective: This is what unity really looks like

Arkansas Times (blog)

No, it wasn't governed by Robert's Rules of Order, but it also was not defined by the type of shouting, screaming and disorder that ensued once the ...

How a meeting over a routine board appointment became Bethlehem City Council's most streamed ...

Allentown Morning Call

Callahan was twice warned at the meeting that he was violating Robert's Rules of Order for ascribing motives to council members actions, and ...

Barnestorming: Robert has ruled all the fun out of town meetings

Worcester Telegram

The book was named as the town's official town meeting rules at some point, replacing “Robert's Rules of Order,” which can still be easily bought at ...

Nonprofit Briefs: Volunteers are our valuable resource

Citrus County Chronicle

A simple version of “Robert's Rules of Order” keeps a meeting on track. There always should be a set of minutes recorded for reference and follow-up.

School board member issues public apology to tribe

Teton Valley News

Mello said that much of the July 30 meeting was disrespectful and pointed to Robert's Rules of Order that could help support the board while they ...

The pastor and the clerk

The Presbyterian Outlook

They take seriously the record-keeping and administrative aspects of their job, while also knowing enough Robert's Rules to keep good order during ...

Commissioners hear from health board president

Marietta Times

He said Marietta College had a couple of classes on how to serve on boards, which he went to, along with classes on Robert's Rules of Order. He said ...

Key to success: Moffat County's Kimber Wheeler ready to make impact after Key Club convention

Craig Daily Press

Other topics at the convention were more on the formality of effectively running meetings, such as Robert's Rules of Order. “There's a proper way to ...

Council votes to keep appointed school board

Dothan Eagle

Under Robert's Rules of Order, three beats two every time (the vote total to appoint Yadira Chavez to the school board earlier this year). I didn't run off ...

Bookmark: Readers debate whether to finish bad books

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Larry Etkin of Minneapolis said in his entire reading life there's only one book he hasn't finished: “ 'Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised,' which I ...

GVR vote means BAJA won't get pickleball access

Green Valley News

"If you read Robert's Rules of Order, one of the things they encourage is that the members of the board should be free to vote however they choose ...

Collinsville residents call township 'embarrassing' after chaotic, combative meetings

Belleville News-Democrat

... which the township posts to YouTube, trustees often break into arguments with each other and the township supervisor over Robert's Rules of Order, ...

TANNIS NELSON: Why organizations need rules of order


Currently the 11th edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) is the most widely adopted parliamentary authority. The parliamentary ...

Kelowna city councillor speaks to Rutland residents about McCurdy project

Keremeos Review

“What I wanted to offer was—there are no rules; there's no Robert's Rules of Order. What happens on social media is people say whatever they want ...

Unorderly township board

Escanaba Daily Press

... ineptness, absurdity, immaturity, rudeness and just plain unprofessionalism. the board held a meeting with total disregard to Robert's Rules of Order.

GEPB board makes decisions on cable contracts, hears reports

Glasgow Daily Times

Adoption of new rules of procedure to replace Robert's Rules of Order, usage of which was repealed during the last meeting, was tabled to provide ...

How to build confidence in the board chair

MultiBriefs Exclusive

There are books and cheat sheets to make rules easy to understand and apply, especially “Robert's Rules of Order for Dummies” or the “A-B-Cs of ...

Scottsbluff city council will re-address pathway project, sidewalk sales during special meeting ...

Scottsbluff Star Herald

Shaver said Robert's Rules of Order for meetings should have allowed any member of the board to pull off individual items to discuss separately, ...

Wahpeton swears in new police officer

Wahpeton Daily News

Wahpeton follows Robert's Rules of Order, which discourages the practice of allowing an undisclosed topic to be included on agendas. Council ...

CCPS releases wording of nickel tax ballot question

Hopkinsville Kentucky New Era

According to Robert's Rules of Order, groups can merge routine discussion points into one agenda item and vote on all items in one action. The local ...

Shenandoah notes: Residents, council irritated about 'rogue' signs


... however their calls for comment were rejected by Wheeler after he consulted with Ferebee on proper procedure under Robert's Rules of Order.

Judge to rule on Wayne State board dispute in 10 days

Crain's Detroit Business

Burdett also cited a second provision in Robert's Rules of Order that discusses counting ex-officio members toward a quorum. "There is a second ...

After Vote, Troy Remains Divided Over Sanctuary Status


At one point, Council President Carmella Mantello, a Republican, tried to invalidate the measure by invoking "Robert's Rules of Order," a standard the ...

Edinburg mayor talks transparency after breakfast to promote accessibility


Instead, he said, he is trying to keep decorum and adhere to Robert's Rules of Order, a guideline first published in 1876 meant to promote fair and ...

Danville school board gives itself good marks for transparency

Danville Advocate

Robert's Rules of Order — following the correct procedures for motions, seconds and discussion during meetings;; serial meetings — avoiding ...

Allegheny County Republicans To Try Again On Leadership Vote

90.5 WESA

But Ron Hicks, the party's solicitor, notes that Robert's Rules of Order – a bedrock text for public bodies – explicitly says leadership must be chosen by ...

Cannon withdraws support for city charter amendment

Dorchester Banner

Ms. Foster said, “First of all, you guys sit up here and you violate all the time, especially Robert's Rules of Order.” As voices were raised, Mayor Victoria ...

Did Maine Township End Public Debate Too Early?

Journal & Topics Newspapers Online

However, as outlined in Robert's Rules of Order and other sources of how official meetings should be conducted, it says that closing debate on a ...

DelConte unanimously elected OCSD board president, says 'humbled by confidence'


“Heather's service on the county Legislature has informed her greatly around Robert's Rules of Order and formality of the meeting that we have a ...

Quorum Fails At Memebership Meeting

Diamondhead News Online

With less than one year before restrictive covenants begin to expire, the Diamondhead Country Club and Property Owners Association have failed to reach a quorum  . . .

Why are non-profits failing? Because we are not dedicated “for the good of the order.”

News Talk Florida

Actually, in most cases, it is quite simple. You need simple and responsible management; someone who knows the governing docs, Robert's Rules of ...

Commissioners want justice for infant

Portsmouth Daily Times

Tackett stated he felt the board did not follow Robert's rules of order by not permitting members of the public to address the board prior to entering into ...

'Giving back to the community'

The Fayetteville Observer

The program also devotes class time to Robert's Rules of Order and the legal responsibilities of a governing board. “It covers any topics that a board ...

City Council's proposed bylaws pushed aside again

The Winchester Star

... contained in the City Charter, City Code and Robert's Rules of Order, the most widely used parliamentary procedure manual in the United States.

EPB board elects officers, reviews annual write-off procedures


The board retracted the use of Robert's Rules of Order. The parliamentary procedure manual was greatly debated because the board has never used ...

Lawyer: HCC illegally went into executive session for administrator interviews


At that time, Vaught said an executive session does not need discussion and the Horry County Attorney Arrigo Carotti said that under Robert's Rules of ...

Aberdeen School Board Says No to Town Hall Meeting, Invites Public to “Talk with the Board ...

Newstalk KBKW

“We follow Robert's Rules of Order, but we also don't want people to be frustrated. We hope these summer sessions provide more opportunity for ...

Letters from Readers June 26, 2019

Antelope Valley Press


All Boards should be following Robert's Rules of Order! Miik Miller. Lancaster. Dissolve the Democratic party. Nancy Pelosi, Minority leader in the ...

Tempers flare at Surrey council meeting as mayor threatens to remove councillor



The meeting began with Pettigrew asking the mayor whether he was using Robert's Rules of Order to run the meeting, which are outlined in the City of ...

Grassroots group elated after success at tense Saskatoon Co-op meeting

Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Early in the meeting, during a period of procedural chaos that required several references to a paperback copy of Robert's Rules of Order, Wicks ...

Two SG senators forced to resign their seats following Tuesday's meeting

The Independent Florida Alligator

After Shaw responded, Lima attempted to raise a parliamentary inquiry. Despite this being a procedure allowed by “Robert's Rules of Order” which the ...

Amid party rift, Republican leaders resign

Powell Tribune

Later, Kimmet acknowledged that Robert's Rules of Order say standing up is one way to ask for the floor. “... I was not aware of that and I would like to ...

City Council Passes $566 Million Budget – Twice

The Rhino TImes (satire)

According to Robert's Rules of Order a motion to reconsider brings back to the floor a motion that has already been voted on and can only be made by ...

Mayor declares Superior Council president won't come down to chance

Superior Telegram

... Maria Davis, as well as conducted his own research into state law, city ordinances and Robert's Rules of Order in crafting an alternate opinion.

Superior Councilor Van Sickle Blasts City Attorney Prell As Incompetent, Lazy

FOX 21 Online

Robert's Rules of Order also allows a wide range of process through which elections within an assembly or organization may be made. Specifically ...

New Ethics Commissioners Yet To Be Announced, Expected To Take Oath In August

Long Beach Business Journal - Long Beach News

... for the remaining four commissioner's seats and receive a refresher on relevant laws, such as the Brown Act and Robert's Rules of Order.

Recreation Merger Vote Fails in Woodland Park


While the vote was 24-24, according to Robert's Rules of Order, procedures which are part of the club's bylaws, a tie vote results in a loss. Prior to the ...

CHV gets mired in parliamentary dispute

The Villager

That led to a debate about Robert's Rules of Order that didn't resolve anything. Council member Weil was asked by the mayor if he wanted to discuss ...

Austin City Council delays contract vote on Butler Pitch and Putt

Austin American-Statesman

That included dipping into some Robert's Rules of Order minutiae, and vote in which a majority of the council on the dais were in favor of something ...

Rosenthal Hopes Public Meeting Training Becomes A Regular Thing

The Newtown Bee

Part of the reason the first selectman helped arrange for this specific CCM training is because Newtown's Charter stipulates that Robert's Rules shall ...

Cooper elected Speaker of the House

Airdrie Today

A self-proclaimed “parliamentary nerd,” Cooper said his love of procedure and Robert's Rules of Order, as well as his character, are likely why his ...

Graham adopts budget with no tax increase, comment

Burlington Times News

... to make the city's advisory boards more effective with better training in boards' duties and standards and procedures like Robert's Rules of Order.

Bickering delays Florence One board meeting


Pipkins also attempted to quote Robert's Rules of Order and read an excerpt of an article from South Carolina Press Association legal counsel Jay ...

Legal counsel to serve as parliamentarian for St. Martinville City Council tonight

The Daily Iberian

Durand has asked to officially consider adopting Robert's Rules of Order as the basis for the council's meetings. He also will present the council with a ...

Thanks to HM Robert, the meeting - and Mother Nature - comes to order

Houston Chronicle

Then, and now, “Robert's Rules of Order” is something less than a ... 1895, a couple of years after publishing a third edition of “Robert's Rules of Order.

Some aldermen chafe, others defend new City Council rules

Journal Times

Mason said he vetoed Lemke's amendment because, under Robert's Rules of Order, a supermajority is required to suspend the rules, and that ...

Transit board: Sorry, Mayor Bottoms, you can't abstain

Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

Many government bodies follow Robert's Rules of Order, which permit members to abstain from voting. Abstentions are not uncommon on ...


Santa Maria Sun

Apparently, he has never read, or at the least he doesn't understand, Robert's Rules of Order, which explain how meetings are managed. The same ...

Clerk of Council Search Committee requests resumes

The Star Beacon

... municipal clerk within five years, and a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians (Robert's Rules of Order), according to the email.

Recall brewing in Foster City

San Mateo Daily Journal

Together with Perez's alleged violations of Robert's Rules of Order at City Council meetings, such as leaving the room when he doesn't like the topic of ...

Update: Town moderator explains why he denied reading of Town Meeting resolution in support of ...

Wicked Local Saugus

Doherty said he has referenced Robert's Rules of Order, state law governing the rules for conducting Town Meetings and the town's charter and ...

Bob Bernick's notebook: Stick to the script

Utah Policy

... other delegates from speaking – an old Gang of 51 stalling tactic), Bramble explained that only certain motions would be in order by Robert's Rules.


Chicago's Council Wars pitted defiant white aldermen against a reform-minded Harold Washington

Chicago Tribune

By Robert's Rules of Order, the majority wins. “Someone is going to win today and someone is going to lose,” yelled Ald. Timothy Evans, as chaos ...

Pinelands Regional Board President Asserts Law for Public Comment Decorum

The SandPaper

“Because of frequent residents' forums I have had to do some research. I used Robert's Rules of Order, I used New Jersey School Boards Association, ...

The students have spoken: Saugus needs more shrubs

Daily Item

The meeting started with a lesson in Robert's Rules of Order. Though they had fun with the subject matter, the students found themselves going ...

97th House District Convention Cancelled as Preparations Fall Apart, RPV and Campaigns Respond

Bearing Drift (press release) (blog)

Robert's Rules provides that when a chairman repeatedly ignores motions to either overturn, overrule, not recognize members who are speaking or ...

Two run write-in campaigns for Merrimac moderator

The Daily News of Newburyport

An "avid reader," Colby said she's working her way through "Robert's Rules of Order," a guide on parliamentary procedure, and is asking her ...

Abuse, accountability and justice

The Denisonian

Unfortunately, the voting that occurred at the April 30 DCGA Senate Meeting was not in accordance with our bylaws, constitution or Robert's Rules of ...

Mayor addresses heated moments at City Council meeting

Elk Grove Citizen

“As I understand that the Robert's Rules of Order, which you're supposed to follow up there, indicate that before you cannot have someone waive their ...

City Council gets organized and prepares to welcome new members

O'Fallon Weekly

... include the Open Meetings Act (OMA), Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and a review of the parliamentary procedure using Robert's Rules of Order ...

Washington Township asked to rescind denial of Blue Ridge Summit property

Herald-Mail Media

Evans told the supervisors last month that Robert's Rules of Order, a handbook of procedures officials use to run meetings, allows for a final decision ...

Robert's Rules "Lite" and Consent Agendas: 6 Tips for Running Efficient and Effective Meeting

The National Law Review

Some groups like to use formal parliamentary procedure, such as that found in Robert's Rules of Order, but others find such a format too formal.

NRA Members Debate Gun Group's Leadership During Meeting (13 PICS)


NRA board member Richard Childress, behind the lectern, is read “Robert's Rules of Order” by the parliamentarian as he moderates the debate ...

Kent Bernhardt: Till we meet again, and again

Salisbury Post

Send to us leaders who have read Robert's Rules of Order and know a thing or two about how to end one short discussion and begin another.

School of hard nots



What must a newbie alder do before taking the oath of office for Madison's Common Council? Learn Robert's Rules of Order from the city's leading ...

Democracy Takes Practice

Capital Research Center

... Americans belonged to lots of clubs, many of which had complicated structures that required a thorough knowledge of Robert's Rules of Order.

Carver moderator's bylaw changes amended at Town Meeting

Wicked Local

... regulations in line with those contained in “Town Meeting Time, A Handbook of Parliamentary Law” and in “Robert's Rules of Order,” newly revised.

UPUA Passes Full Slate Of Legislation To Close Out Spring Semester

Onward State

UPUA will create an ad hoc committee to study Robert's Rules of Order, newly revised, and create a system of parliamentary procedure to be used by ...

UPUA passes legislation, confirms members in last meeting of the semester

The Daily Collegian Online

This would establish an ad hoc committee to study Robert's Rules of Order in great detail. Essentially, the committee would be tasked with creating a ...

Nicolls steps down as parliamentarian, replaced by Rivers

The Setonian

... constitution, ensuring the actions of the Legislative Branch follow procedure, and making sure the senate is well versed in Robert's Rules of Order.

JOHN DeMONT: Municipality of Queens says no to fish farm expansion


So, I'm not going to perplex you with the procedural stuff at the gathering that a person would have to know Robert's Rules of Order, inside out, ...

Column: Question time

SW News Media

F. Under Robert's Rules, generally only one motion can be considered at a time. Under Jordan City Council Rules, any number of motions may be ...

ASUN 87th Session begins, speaker, committee chair elections

The Nevada Sagebrush (blog)

The president, vice presidents and senator-elects of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada were sworn into the 87th session on ...

San Antonio City Council rejects Brockhouse's effort to reconsider Chick-fil-A contract


Brockhouse forced the issue by using a procedural move under Robert's Rules of Order to revive the Chick-fil-A debate. With dozens of supporters ...

White Springs election set for Tuesday

Suwannee Democrat

... providing additional procedures as guidelines when conducting regular and special town council meeting beyond Robert's Rules of Order; giving ...

“Like a Family,” Republican Club Open to all Views


A club meeting has been described as a system basically like Robert's Rules of Order. This is essentially having a chairman call the meetings to order, ...

Some Members Say Undergraduate Council President and Vice President Potentially Ineligible to ...

Harvard Crimson

He said that Robert's Rules of Order, a manual of parliamentary procedure that the UC defaults to when its constitution does not specify a particular ...

Talbot considers rental board procedures

The Star Democrat

All meetings must be conducted in accordance with the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, unless such procedures vary from the rules of ...

Harrison, WV, Commissioner Hinkle holds his ground on building codes

WV News

CLARKSBURG — The issue of implementing county-wide building codes was once again discussed during a meeting of the Harrison County ...

106th Senate Sworn in by Student Body President

Eastern Echo

The other duties of this role include mentoring new senators and gatekeeping Robert's Rules of Order, which is the set of standards that the governing ...

Understanding How Abstention Votes Impact Public Boards

The SandPaper

Still, Coot said Robert's Rules of Order, generally considered to the standard set of rules to run orderly meetings, is clear on the subject of abstention ...

Lawmakers could face problems after Medicaid expansion, redistricting legislation

Idaho Press-Tribune

Most meetings the average person goes to follow Robert's Rules of Order. The Idaho House and Senate, like 70 of the 99 legislative bodies in the U.S. ...

CLERK'S CORNER: The point of parliamentary procedure

Wicked Local Hamilton

Robert's Rules” is approximately 700 pages long. Luckily for the majority of us, 80 percent of “Robert's Rules” is only used 20 percent of the time, ...

Fritzen, McBride say goodbye to Normal council

Bloomington Pantagraph

Not being up on Robert's Rules of Order, I did the wrong thing, and everybody just kind of looked at me," he said with a laugh. "For the newbies in the ...

City Council Considers Ditching Robert's Rules


The city council is preparing to move away from Robert's Rules of Order for their meetings. The council's rules committee has requested that staff, led ...

San Jose politicians consider ways to make new airport Chick-fil-A 'gayest in the country'


This week, mayoral candidate and District 6 councilman Greg Brockhouse said he will use Robert's Rules of Order to force a council vote to put the ...

Decorum questioned at meeting of Florence One Schools board


According to Townsend, under Robert's Rules of Order, board members can speak on any one subject for two 10-minute turns, but during the next ...

Saturday Soapbox: Council's action against Funk denies her right to counsel

Yakima Herald-Republic

Much has been made of the theory that this dramatic unfolding of events was just a procedural Robert's Rules move, and that removing someone from ...

Brockhouse revives San Antonio's Chick-fil-A debate; Paxton seeks info

San Antonio Express-News

Brockhouse, who is running for mayor and has frequently raised the issue in his campaign, said he will use Robert's Rules of Order to force a council ...

Commissioners lace up for round two of appointment dispute

Beckley Register-Herald

LEWISBURG — Round two of the verbal slugfest among Greenbrier County Commissioners featured dueling passages from Robert's Rules of Order ...

Commission member to step down

Rocky Mount Telegram

Knight asked staff to make sure Robert's Rules of Order and open meetings laws are made clear during future citizen academies. “It we're going to ...

Student Government passes legislation banning TPUSA, likely to be blocked by administration

Texas State University - The University Star

The re-vote originally resulted in a denial of the amendment, but the senators consulted Robert's Rules of Order, the governing procedural document ...

Former mayor questions Howell mayor's leadership


“These council meetings, in my view, are a case study in exactly the opposite of what Robert's Rules of Order have in mind. To be perfectly candid, ...

Germantown changes public meeting structure to streamline agenda, but some say it cuts out dissent

The Commercial Appeal

He also said he believed a two-thirds vote was needed to make the changes, quoting Robert's Rules of Order, which the board largely follows.

County misfired on procedural rules, must re-vote on solar project tax abatement

Montgomery Advertiser

... Dean and County Commissioner Ronda Walker — along with their subsequent moving forward of the motions to approve — violated Robert's Rules, ...

Review: Puppets and Power Make for a Marvelous 'Menagerie'

New York Times

How could it ever top the transcendent tediousness of an assistant wrestling coach trying to follow Robert's Rules of Order? And yet its latest, “Mrs.

Board hopes to move future projects along faster with committee changes


... attendance before making decisions, James said that perhaps the committee should go to what Robert's Rules of Order say about having a majority ...

The Payson council's motion machinations

Payson Roundup

The town council got a dose of irony and open meeting law bewilderment at its March 28 meeting — right after a lecture on Robert's Rules of Order.

Homer council to revisit issue of extending water to Kachemak City lot

Homer News

She said a rule was found in Robert's Rules of Order that addresses rescinding an ordinance. Essentially, if an ordinance has been passed by a vote, ...

3 Facts You Must Know About a Point of Order

JD Supra (press release)

There are common mental images that go with the words “parliamentary procedure” or “Robert's Rules.” One of them is a person waving his arm and ...

Kane County chairman, state's attorney renew fight with finger-pointing memos

Chicago Daily Herald

"They either cited an old version of Robert's Rules or the attorneys do not appear to have been provided with all the facts," McMahon wrote.

Ashtabula City Council appoints committee to search for new clerk

The Star Beacon


... municipal clerk within five years, and a member of the National Association of Parliamentarians (Robert's Rules of Order), according to the email.

Out of order? Volusia council meeting gets heated

Daytona Beach News-Journal

Ben Johnson called for more adherence with “Robert's Rules of Order,” the 19th century standard for running orderly meetings. And Fred Lowry ...

Ben Walker: Why I resigned from the Bridgeport school board

CT Post

In reading Robert's Rules of Order, I discovered that the parliamentary rules governing the board were designed to give all opinions an equal voice.

Victoria's mayoral hopefuls talk personal histories, city economy (w/video)

Victoria Advocate

... “where we can have real discussions about issues” instead of only congregating during formal meetings regulated by Robert's Rules of Order.

Stamford rep cited for posting hate messages quits Democratic Party

The Advocate

“According to Robert's Rules, being censured is the end result, not the beginning result, of how to resolve something,” Pratt said. “Robert's Rules says ...

Village Council—Council bans clapping at meetings

Yellow Springs News

... who drafted the new language in response to a Council directive, explained that she wrote the changes to align more with Robert's Rules of Order.

Parliamentarian draws mixed reaction on county commission


He's documenting each time a county commissioner skirts Robert's Rules of Order, a set of widely used procedural guidelines for public meetings.

Chamber recognizes achievements of area businesses

The Daily Times

... a series of educational seminars, which, to date, have focused on areas such as Robert's Rules of Order, digital marketing and customer service.



According to Taylor, Robert's Rules of Order places too much power in the hands of the chair. One way is that Robert's Rules would require four out of ...

SGA elects senators-at-large

The Volante

... pro tempore as she had served three terms as a senator and had been chancellor of an organization where she practiced Robert's Rules of Order.

SGA president will not seek re-election, official campaign and election dates set for spring semester

College Heights Herald

... “friendly amendments,” which are non-debatable, non-votable and are intended to improve the original motion, according to Robert's Rules of Order.

Council Approves Bank Loan For New Trash Truck


The most recent version of Robert's Rules of Order will be used at City Council meetings with the city attorney appointed as the parliamentarian to give ...

Letter: New guidelines needed for Salem's council

The Salem News


I think it's time to try again. Through my ward councilor, Beth Gerard, I have requested that the Salem City Council adopt Robert's Rules of Order for all ...

No progress made on County Administrator position

Akron News-reporter

Monte Willeke asked what rules of order are being used by the commissioners and he suggested that Robert's Rules of Order be used. Bonnie Kuntz ...

Niskayuna attorney gives opinion on "abstention" voting

The Daily Gazette

Syed also said that according to Robert's rules, board members are allowed to abstain. "They cannot be compelled to vote," she said. The supervisor ...

Charter changes unanimously approved

Alexandria Echo Press

Rules of procedure, allowing the council to follow the current version of Robert's Rules of Order for meetings instead of Robert's Rules of Order ...

White Springs to vote on charter changes

Suwannee Democrat

... with elections every two years; seat designations for council members; loosening but not scraping the requirements that Robert's Rules of Order be ...

Rusk: City adopts ethics code, standard of conduct

Jacksonville Daily Progress

In other action, council members also voted unanimously to adopt rules of order and procedure for conducting council meetings, using Robert's Rules ...

Board of Supervisors to review own rules, Planning Commission procedures

Redwood Times

While the county board follows Robert's Rules of Order, a widely used set of procedures for running meetings, Madrone proposed creating a more ...

'Hear Me By Any Means Necessary' — Charlottesville Is Forced To Redefine Civility


As mayor in 2017, Signer's answer was to enforce rules – the standard Robert's Rules of Order — and then some ground rules for how long people ...

Letter to the Editor: Councilor Kennedy endorses Markey

Daily Item

I know that Joe will remain neutral during each town meeting and strictly adhere to the by-laws of the town and Robert's Rules of Order at all times.


Los Alamos Daily Post

... I find it necessary to begin by requesting people to wait to be recognized before speaking—sort of an impromptu partial imposition of “Robert's Rules ...

Stonecrest Councilwoman Adoma refutes moratorium vote—despite video

On Common Ground News

“I am concerned that Councilwoman Adoma doesn't understand Robert's Rules of Order. I chair the meeting fairly. I give everyone an equal amount of ...

Reston PRC Zoning Amendment Dies

Virginia Connection Newspapers

According to Robert's Rules of Order, a motion to "indefinitely defer" essentially kills the motion or consideration, in this case, the proposed Zoning ...

ASUCR Parliamentarian dismissed, circumstances unclear

Highlander Newspaper

“Another thing Robert's rules doesn't really approve of is adding items at the very last minute; during the meeting, that's been done several times,” ...

Stonecrest City Council moves to halt cell phone towers in the city

On Common Ground News

The mayor intervened as Adoma fired back, demanding 10 minutes to speak, citing Robert's Rules of Order. Lary told the city attorney he could answer ...

Council denies request from Lake Andrew developer

Alexandria Echo Press

This would allow the council to follow the current version of Robert's Rules of Order for meetings instead of Robert's Rules of Order Revised, which has ...

A Closer Look: Stephanie Flowers breaks the rules

The Business Journals

She broke all of Robert's Rules of Order as well as the antiquated customs of Southern gentility where women are subservient and African-Americans ...

Burley City Council

Twin Falls Times-News

The meeting was conducted under Robert's Rules of Order. The council discussed all of the action items prior to vote except for the consent calendar, ...

Open meetings: The key to government transparency

Twin Falls Times-News

For example, although it isn't technically required, entities can choose to use parliamentary procedure/Robert's Rules of Order to conduct open ...

Councilmembers to weigh in by emoji? It's one idea to shorten meetings

Long Beach Post

The recommendations also include a refresher for the council on Robert's Rules of Order, parliamentary guidelines used to govern the flow of ...

Parliamentarian meetings in Glendale open to residents

Your Valley

Programs cover basics of parliamentary procedure using “Robert's Rules of Order (11th ed.).” Meetings are the third Tuesday every month at the ...

Tensions Escalate As County Commissioners Overhaul Board Rules

Traverse City Ticker

LaPointe said the change mirrored Robert's Rules of Order – the procedural guidelines followed by most government boards – with the intention of ...

Stamford city rep's racist Facebook posts prompt calls for resignation, censure

Greenwich Time

In an official notice to hold a special meeting calling for her censure, Jacobson writes that Robert's Rules of Order call for members “to be of honorable ...

Everything in moderation: An inside look with the moderators of Town Meeting Day

Stowe Today

“Even though I'm a lawyer, I didn't know anything about Robert's Rules,” Polow said. “As a participant from the floor, your knowledge of Robert's Rules ...

Ocean View School District admonishes trustee on allegations of sexually harassing another board ...

Los Angeles Times

Board member Jack Souders, second from left, references Robert's Rules of Order during a meeting Tuesday night in which the board rebuked trustee ...

Major Takeaways from SGA Senate Meeting

The Penmen Press

SGA also focused on their internal changes by addressing the Robert's Rules of Order and its purpose during SGA meetings. The purpose of Robert's ...

City leaders still at odds over meeting rules

Herald Palladium

“This body operates based on Robert's Rules based on the ordinance and the agenda has already been set,” he said. “And according to Robert's ...

Editor's Note: The 20 percent solution

Connect Savannah.com



IT WOULD have been just a minor transgression of Robert's Rules of Order, if it hadn't been so cruelly symbolic of the current state of things in ...

Edison council forms committee of the whole to investigate racist fliers


This allows council members to meet outside of the parameters of a typical council meeting without violating Robert's Rules, which determines how ...

Council takes steps to shorten meetings during long meeting

Mojave Desert News

Councilman Parris stated he had been using Robert's Rules since FFA in high school and wasn't familiar with “Rosenberg's Rules” at all. He was ...

County decision likely won't heal rift on citizens law commission

Green Valley News

Christy said he would consider it if there was more structure, on-topic discussion and an adherence to Robert's Rules of Order. He also said in an ...

SGA t020 School Yearo Hold Elections for 2019-2

The Bottom Line News

The governance committee is responsible for the internal adherence to the Constitution and the following of Robert's Rules of Order. They also ...

Voters postpone Act 46 merger work

Brattleboro Reformer

Article 2 also passed unanimously, making Robert's Rules of Order the district's way of governing "the parliamentary procedures of the organizational ...

All in favor of skipping meetings, say 'aye'

North Platte Telegraph

Yet, to preserve my own sanity, I've learned to avoid anything that involves Robert's Rules of Order. Yet, it's hard not to get suckered in. Especially ...

Council seating order doesn't sit well

Progress Index

Among those that have been discussed are the proper way to address each other and city staff during meetings and where Robert's Rules of Order ...

Oxbow school district postpones Act 46 meeting

Valley News

... through the agenda's first two articles, electing a temporary presiding officer and adopting Robert's Rules of Order, according to draft minutes.

District 64 School Board candidates answer questions on challenges, taxes, all-day kindergarten ...

Chicago Tribune

The meetings of the current school board are also excessively long and do not following Robert's Rules of Order. Meetings could be much shorter and ...

Club news: Happy Homemakers FCE met Feb. 25

McPherson Sentinel

... “Words Count”, telling of the centuries-old use of parliamentary procedures as rules for meetings, leading to the writing of “Robert's Rules of Order”.

Germantown's parliamentarian says he can't help unhappy people, 'but I can shut them up'

The Commercial Appeal

At the informal session Monday, Schulz reviewed parliamentary rules laid out in Robert's Rules of Order, including how to amend a motion and what ...

Stamford school budget passes, despite less than half the board voting for it

The Advocate

According to Robert's Rules of Order, a set of meeting rules the board follows, members have the duty to express their opinions on matters through ...

SGA will start livestreaming meetings next week

Wichita State Sunflower

“It's just that Robert's Rules can be very confusing.” Rowell encouraged the senate to take SGA sessions seriously and remember that it is a job.

Common Threads - February 2019

Hoard's Dairyman (press release) (blog)

I see FFA skills being used again and again, especially as it applies to Robert's Rules of Order. As I started running meetings and taking motions in the ...

How to Draft a Tellers Report

JD Supra (press release)

It shouldn't come as any surprise that Robert's Rules says when something's official, it needs to be official. Which means, the tellers report—we're ...

Derek Carson: Act 46: What lies ahead

Bennington Banner

... adopt Robert's Rules of Order, decide whether future elections and budget approval will occur by Australian ballot, and perform other business items ...

EDITORIAL: Order in the Court: County should formally adopt a procedure for conducting business ...

Lufkin Daily News

Historically, the court has followed Robert's Rules of Order, which says no court can require a member of the quorum to vote. Those rules also state ...

Berryville council rejects voting proposal

The Winchester Star

She added that Robert's Rules of Order, as far as she can determine, does not require all members of a panel to vote. That handbook, written by the ...

St. Charles councilman addresses colleagues after getting thrown out of Feb. 4 meeting

The Advocate

Fisher-Perrier said council procedure trumps Robert's Rules, though, and that she'd been advised by the parish's attorney to follow council precedent.

East Haven School Bd. Takes "Position" on Finkle $1.5M Fraud Bust


"As to issues of censure, Robert's Rules sets forth procedures for the discipline of members. Given that board of education members are elected, ...

Yankee Notebook: Social democracy's bedfellows

Rutland Herald

Our president, never much for Marquess of Queensberry or Robert's Rules, has, I'm certain, never read Lakoff's “Don't Think of an Elephant.” But he's ...

Developments regarding new term limit law

Naples Daily News

Although Robert's Rules of Order and similar parliamentary guides provides that the chair only votes in the event of a tie, even if the bylaws ...

Members moving forward after messy vote

The Star Beacon

This can be done when it does not change the outcome of the prior vote, per Robert's Rules of Order. “So, Mr. Speelman's allegations of political ...

FYI: Voting and Valentines Day

Lufkin Daily News

Historically, the court has followed Robert's Rules of Order, which says no court can require a member of the quorum vote. It also says that in the event ...

Ashtabula switches course on senior housing

The Star Beacon

After a lengthy discussion about Robert's Rules of Order and whether city rules required a unanimous vote from council for a member to abstain ...

The Current: Chamber to develop candidates friendly to business

Yakima Herald-Republic

Local and state speakers will discuss how to file for office, public speaking, Robert's Rules of Order, campaign finance rules, canvassing a district and ...

Councilor calls for special election on library


Mannix said Murray's motion was placed on the agenda “at the last minute” and was out of compliance with Robert's Rules of Order, which indicates ...

Council plans another look at comment rules

The Steubenville Herald-Star

Petrella suggested council and administrators brush up on Robert's Rules of Order, generally considered the standard for civil debate, “so we don't ...

SGA appoints new chief justice, sustainability commissioner

Berkeley Beacon

In her time as deputy chief justice, Carey also created a “cheat sheet” of Robert's Rules—the parliamentary procedures SGA uses—for members and ...

Making history: Seymour FFA team advances to state competition

Seymour Tribune

The competition is complex, testing the team's knowledge of how to conduct a formal business meeting using Robert's Rules of Order. Team members ...

Flint City Council January update: Struggling for civility, council ousts Mays as finance committee ...

East Village Magazine

... “Point of Information” — both outlined in Robert's Rules of Order – the parliamentary procedure manual used by FCC and many other organizations ...

Trenton Board of Education approves McDowell merit pay again after 'procedural issue'

The Trentonian

... superintendent's merit pay, said the board needed to take formal action under Robert's Rules of Order to bring the merit pay issue “back to the table” ...

Trump's Inner Circle Keeps Violating the Stringer Bell Rule

The Atlantic

... shows a character named Stringer Bell trying to broker peace between rival drug dealers, and trying to get them to abide by Robert's Rules of Order.

Campbell County School Board Acts Fast to Avoid a Shutdown

County 17

In order for the school board to conduct regular business, they must have a quorum, which, according to Robert's Rules of Order, is the minimum ...

A Bridge Too Far: 'No' to Medicaid Expansion

Jackson Free Press

Rab Sanderson of Waynesboro cast aside Robert's Rules of Order and traded blows. Their quarrel moved from the House Chamber to the House ...

Keith Bona readies for 2nd year as North Adams City Council president

Berkshire Eagle

"Last year, I looked up Robert's Rules [of Order], which is our guide, and it clearly states that if you are a voting member, that you have the right to ...

GREG HARTON: Quorum Court: Transparancy vital -- later


Sometimes, debate on the Quorum Court has been "monopolized by the same people," Deakins said Friday, but Robert's Rules of Order is designed ...

UNDERSTANDING CONNECTICUT'S FOIA: Electronic participation by board members at ...

JD Supra

There is at least some ambiguity in Robert's Rules of Order and whether it could be interpreted as requiring bylaws expressly permitting electronic ...

Public, councilor challenge Mannix on library deal


“If I put on a motion, I can withdraw that motion, that's how Robert's Rules work.” “So Robert, whoever he is, set these rules that there's no dialogue?

Boyertown School Board OKs $600K for new stadium

The Mercury

"Talk to me about why building a new stadium is a good idea, but we can't do it when we're dancing around Robert's Rules all the time." In November ...

Nebeker tapped as Clatsop County commission chair

Daily Astorian

The board rules, adopted in 2014, require that meetings adhere to Robert's Rules unless they conflict with previously stated mandates. The rules also ...

Jersey City schools chief won't be rehired, board says


Robert's Rules (of Order) allow walk-on resolutions,” Thomas said. Lyles was first hired in 2012 to replace Charles Epps. Her contract renewed ...

How a ‘Table’ Changes Shape as It Crosses an Ocean

The Wall Street Journal

U.K. politicians table a measure to advance it, but U.S. legislators do the same to lay it aside. Why does a simple word have two opposite meanings? . . .

A Reporter Looks Back on 2018

Santa Clarita Gazette

Here's the kicker: According to Robert's Rules of Order, the nominations are voted on in the order they were placed. Since Kellar nominated Smyth ...

Changes to Utah Democratic Party's anti-harassment policy aim to plug 'loopholes' exposed when ...

Salt Lake Tribune

“Generally speaking, members of the state Democratic Party had interpreted the harassment policy and Robert's Rules to mean that only so-called ...

Tension surrounds TADL Board appointment

Traverse City Record Eagle

Tholen said the county Board of Commissioners' rules do not specifically address the issue, but instead reference Robert's Rules of Order — a manual ...

City Council rejects Logan, punts filling vacancies to new year

The Daily Memphian (press release)

... among council members over what constitutes a majority and by whose rules – the council's rules or Robert's Rules of Order, the parliamentary code ...

Village Council member attempts to cool meetings

Daily Mining Gazette

The proposed changes are very similar to those contained in Robert's Rules of Order, which is a nearly universal template for conducting public ...

Seneca Meadows gets town permit, town attorney position stays

Olean Times Herald

He accused Avery and two other board members of meeting improperly to plot their plan. Lazzaro said, under Robert's Rules of Order, he can refuse to ...

What Clients Say...

Your expertise and knowledge enabled us to run our meetings in an orderly manner. The parliamentary procedures that you pointed out were not familiar to me and I think it contributed greatly to our success.

President LeRoy F. Saunders

American Council of the Blind