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Nuclear Decommissioning Citizens Advisory Panel lifts off
Wicked Local Plymouth

“If that wasn't in strict compliance with Robert's Rules of Order, I apologize, “O'Connor said. “It's been a long time since I was a selectman in the town of ...

Lawsuit Filed to Revoke Mining Operation Permit

She said according to Robert's Rules of Order, a certain procedure had to be followed in order to get a revote. Based on transcripts, she said the board ...

Just follow the rules -- they're there for a reason
Shelbyville Times-Gazette

Most governmental bodies pay lip service to Robert's Rules of Order, but many local governing bodies are pretty casual about how they follow it.

City council rules confusion highlights voting loophole
Norman Transcript

The council is bound by Robert's Rules of Order, the most widely-used manual of parliamentary procedure in America. It's a common document, but it's ...

Reinventing the Wheel
Memphis Flyer

Shaw said that either members would need to memorize Robert's Rules in toto, or they could — and perhaps should — devise simpler and more ...

Gardiner City Council drafts goal to make city asylum community
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

... who reviewed good practices in conducting public meetings and held a mini-course on Robert's Rules of Order, a guide to parliamentary procedure.

Ombudsman finds Sherwood councillor was in conflict of interest, asks RM to vote on his dismissal
Regina Leader-Post

... the room, (Probe and Repetski) focused the council's discussion on whether the motion was properly before council under Robert's Rules of Order.

BUSINESS BOOKSHELF: Robert's Rules for Dummies gets the job done

Robert's Rules of Order is pretty dry reading. My copies were both old, so while I was in the bookstore recently, I bought Robert's Rules of Order, Newly ...

Experts find Sauk County Board debate rule confusing

Disagreement over a Sauk County Board rule that involves closing off ... Slaughter is an expert on Roberts Rules of Order, a guidebook to meeting ...

Student Senate prepares for new speaker, senators
The Daily Eastern News

Young said Robert's Rules of Order were established so people will not repeat each other's comments, to prevent people from talking over one ...

With a new BOE, promises for the public in Belleville

“If you had to go to work in a cold environment, with rules changing every day, ... We need to know Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary law.

Council swears in new members, reimburses CN
Lake County News Chronicle

By voting down the resolution, the council will continue to follow Robert's Rules of Order. According to City Administrator Dan Walker, the new rules ...

Kimble keeps school board president title after all
Youngstown Vindicator

“What it sounds like to you is not a rule,” Hunter said. ... Robert's Rules – or Robert's Rules of Order – are the meeting procedures most public ...

Victoria council begins year on testy note
SW News Media

Several organizational items were approved after a lengthy discussion about how to follow Robert's Rules of Order — the guide to how meetings ...

School board gridlock: Trustees fail to elect chair

The board then adopted the meeting dates for 2017, and the 11th edition of Robert's Rules as rules of order. With tensions running high, a motion to ...

Iowa Board of Regents will not vote publicly to reverse meeting change
The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines

Regent policy states the board shall conduct its meetings according to Robert's Rules of Order, meeting structure guidelines commonly used by ...

NDSU Extension strengthens programming to meet citizen needs
Farm Forum

“One of the key components of civic involvement is a basic understanding of parliamentary procedure,” says Joel Lemer, an Extension agent for Foster ...

Ranked Choice Voting: An Easy Solution to Fix Our Broken Elections
IVN News

In conflict with the spirit of the Constitution, our electoral rules punish ... With recommendations by procedural guides like Robert's Rules of Order, RCV ...

Haven Commission to discuss personnel items at workshop
The Ledger

That, according to Murphy, is because the city also had adopted Robert's Rules of Order, which would have required the commission to vote 4-1 to ...

SV council plans to revote on $396000 water plant renovations
LaSalle News Tribune

City attorney Jim Andreoni said that Robert's Rules of Order states that the motion to table should have been voted on first. However, Bogacz said the ...

New county commissioners, new rules
Conway Daily Sun

OSSIPEE — There will now be order at Carroll County Commission meetings — Robert's Rules of Order, that is, thanks to newly sworn-in county ...

Diversion group changes open meeting rules
Silver City Daily Press and Independent

Robert's Rules of Order is a guide to conducting meetings through which decisions should best be made as a group. It has set the standard by which ...

Norwich City Council could reconsider $2.9 million water meter upgrade

The council operates under Robert's Rules of Order, and there was some question about whether the council could reconsider the ordinance under ...

Former Mayoral Candidate Served with Protective Order Following Disorderly Conduct Arrest
HNN Huntingtonnews.net

McCallister disputed an interpretation of Robert's Rules of Order that required an item to be addressed by the end of the meeting unless a date certain ...

When Residents Take Ownership, A Mobile Home Community Thrives

ROC USA's contract with the residents requires them to get technical assistance, such as how to run a meeting using Robert's Rules of Order or how to ...

The year that was in Jerome
Verde Independent

However, incoming Mayor Vander Horst joined other municipalities in invoking Robert's Rules of Order, requiring the public to identify themselves and ...

China Planning Board to take second look at plan to convert barn to wedding venue
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

It is not exactly clear from the minutes how that decision was made or if the board was following Robert's Rules of Order, which says that a tie vote is a ...

Panel chooses to let pay raises for mayor and appointees stand
Maui News

But, during the meeting, the panel twice failed to take a vote on the salary increases, caught up in confusion related to Robert's Rules of Order and ...

Is a vote of “No Confidence” right for our group?
Michigan State University Extension

The term “vote of no confidence” is not used or defined anywhere in Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Ed., and there is no mention of any ...

Sauk County Board to seek outside opinion on meeting rule
Reedsburg Times Press

“There were violations of county board rules and violations of Roberts Rules (of Order),” Kriegl said. “And all that it accomplished was that we spent ...

What is parliamentary procedure?
Michigan State University Extension

According to the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP), parliamentary procedure refers to the rules of democracy. This is the commonly ...

10 great American churches and religious sites

Built in 1829, it was the home church of Henry Robert, an army engineer who developed the famous Robert's Rules of Order when he was ...

Waunakee school board vote means no phy ed waiver for now

Discussions afterward pointed out that Robert's Rules of Order allows for failed motions to be brought up again, but only by a member of the board ...

How many votes to get a city budget? Ask Shreveport
Shreveport Times

After several more votes to comply with Robert's Rules of Order, the council reversed its previous decision to cut the MPC budget and voted to both ...

County board to approve 4 sets of meeting minutes
Kane County Chronicle

McMahon's letter refers to Robert's Rules of Order, which the board has adopted, that permits board members “to overrule a decision of the chair by ...

5 things to know from city council
Alexandria Echo Press

Another amendment that failed would allow the council to follow the current version of Robert's Rules of Order for meetings or alternate rules of ...

Councilor looks to formalize 'four-vote' rule
Barre Montpelier Times Argus

And he didn't find it in Robert's Rules of Order, which — by ordinance — govern the conduct of council meetings absent some other locally approved ...

CCSC votes to install free tampons, pads in bathrooms across campus
CU Columbia Spectator

This led the council to a lengthy discussion about Robert's Rules of Order, a universally-recognized set of procedures typically used by CCSC to ...

League City mayor says he will seek to oust Rohr
Joplin Globe

She said that under Robert's Rules of Order, if Hallisey spoke in frustration because of an issue and not as a personal insult to the women, there was ...

Augusta City Council to consider rules for meeting conduct
Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

AUGUSTA — At-Large Councilor Dale McCormick is proposing to require the council to follow Robert's Rules of Order during meetings, so everyone ...

ZAP approves Robert's Rules training
Austin Monitor

A resolution to provide city staff and assistant city attorneys with training on Robert's Rules of Order – and to make that training available to all ...

Emotions run high as contentious new rule passes in Cambridge
Waterloo Record

He is referring to Robert's Rules of Order, a set of rules for meetings. Many municipalities use it as a guideline when a city's procedural bylaw doesn't ...

Council to discuss rules for conducting meetings today
Taft Midway Driller

... as otherwise provided by these rules,” the city's municipal code, or applicable state law, city council procedures shall be governed by Robert's Rules ...

Berlin police union sees possible errors in lieutenant's suspension hearing

According to Robert's Rules of Order, the chairman can only vote to break a tie, and if that were the case, should vote last to avoid influencing other ...

Joe Adams: Condo directors must stand for reelection
The News-Press

However, recently, certain owners in our condominium have stated that because we use Robert's Rules of Order, the only time the president may vote ...

City pays councilman $4500 after he was taken out of meeting in handcuffs

He should ask the Attorney General if he is conducting rules properly under Roberts Rules of Order. He prematurely asked the police officer to ...

Alternatives to Robert's Rules
Tech Featured

If you don't like the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order (namely, the 11th edition published in 2011 which is titled “Robert's Rules of Order Newly ...

Brook Park council approves funds for domestic violence center despite councilman's concerns

Ward 1 Councilman Tom Troyer and Ward 3 Councilwoman Jan Powers abstained during the final vote, which according to Robert's Rules of Order ...

HP voters to decide staggered terms for mayor, council
C&G Newspapers

“You have to learn about open meeting acts, the Freedom of Information Act, Robert's Rules of Order, the way meetings work, budgets, labor ...

Almost a third of DDSN providers didn't use meds training
Greenville News

John Scott in response to the DDSN rules, the state Attorney General's ... some rules, such using the small board version of Robert's Rules of Order, ...

Kendall resigns from town council
My Eastern Shore

... chapters concerning vendor fees, the zoning ordinance, the ethics commission and Robert's Rules of Order — was not being properly followed.

Alderman complains flags aren't lowered early enough
LaSalle News Tribune

Hall told him he was out of order and asked for a motion to adjourn the ... wearing hats during the meeting was a violation of Robert's Rules of Order.

Plainfield trustees debate input on policy making
The Herald-News

Racich responded in the video that under Robert's Rules of Order, no one has ever censored or stopped O'Rourke or any board members from ...

Petition asks to overturn decision to sell alcohol at Kentuck festival
Tuscaloosa News

Logan cited Robert's Rules of Order and explained that to overturn the results of a previous council vote, the measure would have to be introduced, ...

Former UNI prof's Cedar Falls council protests continue
Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

Skaine cited Robert's Rules of Order and the U.S. Constitution in maintaining he had a right to hold the floor -- and had a copy of each with him.

Column: Do we know what a good mayor we have?
Fergus Falls Daily Journal

Leland knows his Robert's Rules of Order. It's refreshing. • He stops people who forget to state their name and address at the podium and asks them ...

Hobbton track funding denied
Sampson Independent

County attorney Joel Starling reviews Robert's Rules of Order, governing ... exchange between commissioners and a recess to review rules of order.

Planning staff makes recommendations for rule changes
So Md News (subscription)

Hipski said she reviewed the planning commission's rules and procedures, the 11th edition of Roberts Rules of Order and rules and procedures from ...

You'd think the Sierra Club would back carbon-cutting I-732 — but you'd be wrong
The Seattle Times

But their motion was never recognized by the national Sierra Club, which found that any vote would violate Robert's Rules of Order and the group's ...

Theodore Decker commentary: Columbus City Council turns its back on protesters
Columbus Dispatch

... Council's chamber did on Monday night, Robert's Rules of Order no longer applies. ... “Again, I respectfully ask that you follow the rules of conduct .

Student Senate plans for voter registration drives
The Daily Eastern News

The Senate also went over Robert's Rules of Order during their committee reports, so new senators will know how the meetings will work, how to use ...

Aldermen clash at meeting of city panel
Journal Times

“My understanding of Robert's Rules of Order is that once there's a motion on the floor, the debate is restricted only to committee members,” Wiser said ...

OUR OPINION: Repairing trust between boards starts with a conversation

... benefit from municipal government training focusing on planning and zoning, but including budgeting, public records and Robert's Rules of Order.

An Uncalled for Question
City Watch

I mean, you can search through the 700+ pages of Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised, and you won't find a rule like that. In fact, numerous (much ...

Interim police chief to see salary bump
Crossville Chronicle

That's what Robert's Rules of Order states that we're supposed to present facts and if we're stating opinions it needs to be stated it's an opinion, and ...

Public comment: Keeping it civil
The News-Press

It is against council rules to name a staff member or council member. ... All government agency meetings use "Robert's Rules of Order" to help with ...

Downtown New Bedford festival to highlight 'immediate' needs of aging churches

The upcoming capital campaign will include promotion of First Baptist as the birthplace of Robert's Rules of Order, long the gold standard for ...

Page recommends changes for Newland
Avery Journal Times

Page recommended adopting “Robert's Rules of Order” as the standard rules governing the board's meetings and include an opportunity for public ...

Huron East votes in favour for the County to review decision in eliminating ACP's
Seaforth Huron Expositor

MacLellan told council the County's policy to the best of his knowledge if this topic is brought back up, is that it must follow the Robert's Rules of Order.

'I Think It Is Chilling': Board of Ed Rejects Proposed Change to Bylaws Regarding Public ...
New Canaanite

... could adopt a rule saying that new agenda items could be added the same night—Carlson noted that Robert's Rules of Order already allow for that.

Commissioners appoint Sobel, Burnett to toursim board
Clearfield Progress

The commissioners follow Robert's Rules of Order, allowing public comment at the beginning of the meeting. The vote to appoint Burnett and Sobel to ...

Another member resigns from Phenix City Board of Education
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Based on Robert's Rules of Order, the board's vice president, Paul Stamp, was elevated to president and will serve the remainder of president's ...

Borgioli voted in as new board president
Morgan Hill Times

It took three school board meetings, one challenge of parliamentary procedure and three rounds of voting by the trustees but Morgan Hill Unified ...

Property owners sue governing board
Morganton News Herald

A June 4 election was not conducted in accordance with the articles of incorporation of the development, Robert's Rules of Order or the North Carolina ...


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