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Robert's Rules in the News

News articles on Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure appear below, with most recent articles appearing first.

Carbon Hill holds organizational session

Daily Mountain Eagle

It did approve using Robert's Rules of Order and Parliamentary Procedure, which is common for many city councils. Herron said that would include the ...

Board of Health moves all counties to High-Risk

Post Register

Both Erstep and Moser felt they had interpreted Robert's Rules of Oder correctly, with Erstep believing he did his role correctly, and Moser citing ...

City School Board members clash

Rutland Herald

Those are Robert's Rules of Order.” As Notte was speaking, Cavacas attempted to make a motion calling for her step down as board chairwoman. Notte ...

The Right Stuff: Let's consider neighborhood councils

Fairfield Daily Republic

The neighborhood council would appoint executive officers and would be governed by Robert's Rules of Order. Neighborhood council members will ...

DeBary councilperson-elect Pappalardo will fill seat until official swearing-in Jan. 6

Daytona Beach News-Journal

... Mayor Karen Chasez said she was concerned about setting the stage for 2-2 votes, which fail under Robert's Rules of Order. Bacon said since there ...

Measure E passes

Tri County Sentry

Shall the initiative ordinance mandating meetings of City legislative bodies to use Robert's Rules of Order, the advance release of pre-recorded staff ...

Crestwood Board of Aldermen counts abstentions as no votes

Call Newspapers

Robert's Rules of Order refers to the most commonly used parliamentary rules organizations can adopt as a guideline to establish how meetings are ...

Cannabis Resolution Approved by Council

Herald Pubs

Alderman Denise Williams was not present. Aldermen Pat Peck and Brenda Wagner each cast a vote of present which, according to Robert's Rules of ...

UVSS AGM exceeds quorum, hits cap of Zoom call at 300

The Martlet

Motions got rid of Robert's Rules, passed new UVSS values. The first motion was put forward by Director at Large (DAL) Isaiah Adachi and sought to ...

County lists vet day events

Community journal

Jerry Wolfe quoted “Robert's Rules of Order,” saying abstensions in that vote don't count; and this question is non-political and transcends all other ...

Loveland council debates running late, pushes up meeting on parliamentary procedure

Loveland Reporter-Herald

Robert's Rules of Order are not currently binding for council members participating in meetings. City Manager Steve Adams said staff members had ...

Warren councilman faces criminal charges for 'arresting' woman over Trump signs

Detroit Free Press

... but there is a mechanism in Robert's Rules of Order. He previously said the council could expel Kabacinski for a meeting. Green said in addition to a ...


The Presbyterian Outlook

Candidates must have a thorough knowledge of the Book of Order and Robert's Rules. Decent and orderly people can send a PIF or résumé to:

Who is Robert? And why do his rules matter?

Norfolk Daily News

Robert's Rules of Order.” Those words were heard during last week's city council meeting. They were brought up because our city council follows ...

Blackfoot Planning and Zoning adopts new rules

Post Register

Ramirez took it upon himself to pull certain rules out of Robert's Rules of Order which covers nearly all forms of public meetings, and put together a ...

Letter: Supporting Wesen, Browning


Experience with Robert's Rules of Order and ability to understand the importance of by-laws, state and federal statues and the Washington state and ...

Detroit police commissioner: Chairman Willie Bell 'has got to go'

Detroit Free Press

Robert's Rules of Order states, “When a motion has been made and seconded, it is the duty of the chair, unless he rules it out of order, immediately to ...

Council discusses meeting procedures, efficiency


The problem with Robert's Rules of Order, despite being popularly considered the gold-standard for maintaining orderly public meetings, is that Robert's ...

Conduct of Stevi council president to be addressed at COW meeting

Bitterroot Star

Following Robert's Rules of Order, this initiated a process in which the Mayor was required to investigate the allegations and schedule a trial before ...

The church for this time: Committee discusses future General Assemblies

The Presbyterian Outlook

... than following Robert's Rules of Order. During a meeting Sept. 26 of the Moving Forward Implementation Committee, committee member James Tse ...

Savannah ethics board holds first hearing in probe of alderwoman's conduct


“When reminded to be recognized before speaking, in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order, Alderwoman Gibson-Carter responded that this is f— ...

UM faculty leaders: No-confidence vote against Schlissel should have passed

The Detroit News

... on voting using Robert's Rules of Order for interpretation leads all of us to the same conclusion. Abstentions should not have been counted as votes, ...

Dale's disconnect: What's Broward mayor hiding? | Steve Bousquet

Sun Sentinel

Commissioner Nan Rich said: “I don't know what happened to Robert's Rules of Order.” A meeting of mayors is surely more orderly. But we can't be ...

ASNMU forms redefining 'constitutional convention'

North Wind Online

Drever also added that the new constitution could potentially update practices like using Robert's Rules of Order (a manual that states how to conduct ...

Rules expert tells Council motions come first


Mark Moriarty said under Robert's Rules of Order, a motion should precede any issue discussion. The rules are the default set of procedures for ...

Confusion over vote of no confidence in University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel leads to ...


According to the Robert's Rules, there can be no such thing as an abstention vote, and in situations where the rules require a majority or two-thirds vote, ...

Ruling on agenda roils school board

Winchester Sun

Hisle suggested the board consult “Robert's Rules” to determine how to remove the chair, which brought a rebuke by Ritchie. “I don't understand why ...

Ward III commissioner of Albany, GA, responds to 'chastisement' by fellow board member


Fletcher broke Robert's Rules of Order protocol during Thursday's called commission meeting. Fletcher, still angry Friday about comments she said were ...

ASUU Articles of Impeachment Fail in Senate for Senator Kwak

Daily Utah Chronicle

The articles' first clause detailed multiple violations of Robert's Rules, a set of non-ASUU organizational rules used in debate settings to ensure order, ...

Valley West sports continue after tie vote

Wilkes-Barre Citizens Voice

Instead of having to go to the replay booth, the district looked to Robert's Rules of Order to determine if the fall sports season could proceed. In the end ...

COVID, stormwater, bulky waste and decorum also addressed during council meeting

Islander News.com

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Mike Davey won the council's consensus on adhering more closely to Robert's Rules of Order in relation to decorum ...

Venice mayor gets a dressing down


“This was another example of total disregard for Robert's Rules and the Charter by the mayor. (It's) unfair to the rest of City Council, unfair to staff, and ...

Come for doughnuts, stay for democracy

The Suburban Newspaper

You don't necessarily need to be a Robert's Rules of Orders maven, but it helps to have basic understanding of how meetings work and that's easily ...

Village denies plan for new development, for now

Alton Telegraph

According to Robert's Rules of Order, to abstain is generally accepted as being a vote with the majority. However, since this is not always what a ...

Council denies request to paint sidewalks in rainbow colors

The Ellsworth American

In clarifying the matter, Hamilton read from Robert's Rules of Order: “To abstain means to refrain from voting, and, as a consequence, there can be no ...

Despite outcry, Londel French still sees parks as a refuge for homeless

Minneapolis Star Tribune

“I hate Robert's Rules of Order,” he said. “That ain't how Black folks talk.” Park Board President Jono Cowgill described him as a “values-driven ...


Let's plan on Halloween


“Purpose, Planning and Procedure” are the names of my imaginary triplets. I got a big thrill when I married someone named after Robert's Rules of Order ...

'The Politician's' Bette Midler for president? Well, no, but she has ideas for the job

Los Angeles Times

I never forgot it. The reason they tried to impeach me was that I didn't know Robert's Rules of Order. But you know what? I don't think I'm smart enough.

Tri-County Council approves funding request letter with TJ Bridge as top priority

Herald-Mail Media



This is Robert's Rules," O'Connor said, a reference to Hutchins representing Charles County in the State House from 1994 to 2003. However, Hutchins ...

Did the 2020 DNC already happen?

The Week Magazine

... standards of Robert's Rules-style meetings held over Zoom what we saw on Tuesday was not a formal meeting. It was a long television commercial.

The Politician Star Bette Midler Talks Entertainers and Real Politics

Soap Hub

The reason they tried to impeach me was that I didn't know Robert's Rules of Order. But you know what? I don't think I'm smart enough. “I don't think ...

Little controversy at Big Spring City Council meeting

CBS7 News

“When you postpone something indefinitely in Robert's Rules, you're just getting rid of it,” She said. “You're basically saying 'we don't want to talk ...

How to accelerate the board meeting

MultiBriefs Exclusive

Though association bylaws frequently prescribe a specific form of parliamentary procedure such as “Robert's Rules of Order” or the “Standard Code of ...

Where Does the Money Go? How Funds at QC are Organized

The Knight News

Most boards follow parliamentary procedure, specifically being Robert's Rules of Order. The Auxiliary Enterprises Corporation, The Student Services ...

VMs Practice Online Board Election to Prep for September Annual Meeting

World of Westchase

He added that Robert's Rules of Order, which govern the meeting, enable VMs to request agenda amendments, subject to a VM vote of approval, ...

After contentious Title IX debate, Board of Regents chair criticizes lack of “decorum” in letter

The Nevada Independent

... was “mansplaining” Robert's Rules of Order, which govern the structure of public meetings, to her. The exchange kicked off a social media firestorm, ...

Commentary: Shades of the past at City Hall

SW News Media

Robert's Rules is gone. Audience participation is all but gone. The only ones to blame for long council meeting are the councilors themselves.

The inherent problem of whiteness in our polity

The Presbyterian Outlook

However, when we rely on a polity that uses Robert's Rules of Order – a tool that was created to ensure order, a tool built around majority rule while ...

Clawson replaces invocation with 'words of inspiration'

C&G Newspapers

Moffitt made another motion to clarify items in Robert's Rules of Order, which dictate parliamentary procedure, that all members have equal rights, ...

Mayor Carroll meets with P&Z

Post Register

Robert's Rules of Order are utilized in almost every form of public meeting and consist of over 400 pages of information for those involved in municipal ...

Canneth Lee picked as the new representative for South Bend Common Council first district


Per Robert's rules of order, the vice president, Karen White, will become the president and the council will vote on a new VP by the end of July.

Planners welcome new members, approve new leadership

Huron Daily Tribune

... eliminating parliamentary procedure for meetings in favor of Robert's Rules of Order, and the amount of time needed for submitted items to be part of ...

Stevensville government navigates council disciplinary procedure

NBC Montana

Robert's Rules of Order was written as a guide for parliamentary procedure in the late 1800s, and it's widely used by governing bodies like the ...

Online Meetings: When & How (Part 1 - Board Meetings)

Greater Wilmington Business Journal

Robert's Rules asserts that there is great value in people meeting together and having discussions in order to come to the best decisions possible. It is ...


Alder chided for embarrassing vote, comments


Robert's Rules of Order, first written in 1876 and now in its 11th edition, is how most “deliberative bodies,” from church councils to state legislatures, ...

Key Biscayne formed to provide residents strong representation in an excellent form of government

Islander News.com

The mayor presides over council meetings based on Robert's Rules of Order, and he or she performs ceremonial duties as outlined in the charter.

County addresses Webb's resignation

The Carroll News

... Robert's Rules…and it makes it complicated. So if it's the pleasure of the board I think we are valid either way, but I wanted to raise that issue for you.

qathet Regional board accepts land use and development feasibility study

Powell River Peak

Corporate officer Michelle Jones said Robert's Rules of Order supports not speaking against another member or questioning their motives. Directors ...

ASUCI Senate Dismisses ASUCI Constitution To Nominate Whomever They Want To The Elections ...

New University

According to Robert's Rules, a motion to adjourn is incidental which means it takes precedence over any other motion, [which] means we vote on it first.

Mercedes commissioners, mayor clash over emergency order


“Well, we don't follow Robert's Rules of Order,” Hinojosa said. “This is something that the mayor and the mayor only can extend this (unintelligible). It ...

Grant for AVUHSD stalls on 2-2 vote

Antelope Valley Press

Attorney Jay Fernow said Ruffin's point is well-taken but added the Board has not adopted Robert's Rules of Order as its operating procedures.

Our view: Leadership lapse allows Boone council to veer off course

Watauga Democrat

Under Robert's Rules of Order, the manual which boards have adopted and used since 1876, and by which town council is similarly guided, such ...

Places of faith essential

The Tand D.com

Henry Martyn Robert composed the first iteration of what would become Robert's Rules of Order in 1863 when he was asked to preside over a church ...

Lack of pants at meeting causes Asotin city councilor to cut his tenure short

Lewiston Morning Tribune

The casual attire violates Robert's Rules of Orders, he said. “Some of those guys showed up in dumpster-diving outfits, and it bothered me,” Appleton ...

5th District GOP denies Riggleman venue appeal

The Daily Progress

... presented an argument to the same effect, claiming that controlling authority — the Republican Party of Virginia and Robert's Rules of Order — does ...

5th District GOP denies Riggleman venue appeal

The Daily Progress

... presented an argument to the same effect, claiming that controlling authority — the Republican Party of Virginia and Robert's Rules of Order — does ...

Lack of pants at meeting causes Asotin city councilor to cut his tenure short

Lewiston Morning Tribune

The casual attire violates Robert's Rules of Orders, he said. “Some of those guys showed up in dumpster-diving outfits, and it bothered me,” Appleton ...

Abstentions need no place in Cornwall council rulebook

Standard Freeholder

... abstentions at council's May 11 meeting, Robert's Rules of Order is the most-common reference for matters of process and procedure like this one.

Nunavut must move beyond paying lip service to traditional values, says Glassco fellow

Nunatsiaq News

Robert's Rules of Order frame how people discuss things and make decisions. A revolving door of transient workers makes even the best of programs ...

Special BET Meeting to Reconsider FY '21 Budget Amounts to Lengthy Argument over Robert's ...

Greenwich Free Press

I have to follow Robert's Rules, now I'm being asked not to follow Robert's Rules. I hear the personal comments and it's not appreciated.” Mr. Ramer said ...

Be Sure Your Virtual Meetings Are Compliant!


(See Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th ed., p. 95–97.) Also explore whether your governing documents give the organization's board or ...


Association governance during a pandemic

MultiBriefs Exclusive (blog)

Rules of Order: For groups that hire a parliamentarian and follow Robert's Rules of Order, they may have to be relaxed. Respect the chair and require ...

Planning commission's virtual meeting ends in confusion

New Castle News

... however, counter to Robert's Rules of Order, a procedural manual that governs most governmental boards. Fandozzi explained that when he called ...

Revive the back-up transportation tax? Hillsborough commissioner is trying.

Tampa Bay Times

But Miller said he believes this policy contradicts Robert's Rules of Order and hampers the productivity of the commission. “Usually it's the same result ...

Erie County Legislature Holds Committee Meeting On Zoom

Spectrum News

He said if the Legislature plans to continue to videoconference, it needs to address potential conflicts with Robert's Rules of Order and open meeting ...

Antiques & Collecting: Don't say no to blackball box

Agri News

The rules are still in “Robert's Rules of Order,” a guide to parliamentary procedure, but there are few times when only one vote, not a majority, ...

Progressive Max Tracy in line to be next City Council president


Under Robert's Rules of Order that govern council meetings, the council president needs to pass the gavel to another councilor, who would then ...

How To Stop Wasting Time In Meetings And Actually Get Things Done



Now, I enlist Robert's Rules of Order to ensure my meetings stay on topic. U.S. Army officer Henry Martyn Robert developed this manual over a century ...

Commission tables size reduction, again

Claiborne Progress

Commissioner Steve Mason seconded the motion. Shuford questioned the propriety of tabling the resolution, referring to Robert's Rules of Order, a ...

Students show off technology skills

Elbert County News

Do you know how to run an official meeting according to Robert's Rules of Order? Can you use a rat trap to power a car? Have you ever designed a ...

ASUCR debates over possible liabilities of a Lyft initiative

Highlander Newspaper

... that by putting him on leave, Cortes felt that Idea and herself would be given time to review Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary procedure.

NWA EDITORIAL: How long to listen? City Council weighs measure to shorten meetings

Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

The whole idea behind Robert's Rules of Order is development of a reliable process by which group decisions are made possible and efficient.

Starr calls Measure B a naked power grab by Nguyen during debate

Tri County Sentry

... a few exceptions); requires training on the use of Robert's Rules to enable better-run meetings; requires advance videotaping of staff presentations ...

Lorain Council votes to create work session meetings

The Morning Journal

But council follows Robert's Rules of Order for procedure, she said, and she asked if the meetings will become a “free for all” in a less formal setting.


Mayor: Council agreed to updated rules at retreat

Robert's Rules of Order, a manual of parliamentary procedure that governs most organizations with boards or other voting bodies, have been used for ...


Edinburg leadership mulls vacant posts


They are also set to discuss and possibly take action on Robert's Rules of Order and city council procedural rules. This has been a topic of interest in ...


Saturday Essay: States must drain the DC swamp

Toledo Blade

Members would elect a president. The rules of the convention would likely be a combination of Robert's Rules of Order and parliamentary procedures.


Beaufort Co. Council members attempt to remove chairman, but vote fails. What happens now?

Hilton Head Island Packet

“In Robert's Rules of Order, there is a long sequence that is required to remove the chair,” Rodman said. “In this particular case, I don't believe what ...

Ready to caucus? Catholics, start your engines

The Catholic Spirit

Caucuses are run by volunteers using Robert's Rules of Order. Below is the general outline of how to caucus, adapted from information provided by ...


The Journal

She goes on to explain, “I am the parliamentarian for SGA, meaning I make sure we follow our own rules and Robert's Rules of Order. I also chair the ...

Seminars to teach dos, don'ts of co-op leadership

AG Week

Topics include: fiduciary responsibilities, Robert's Rules of Order, co-op principles, financial management, risk management, roles and responsibilities ...


St. Cloud City Council made right by adopting new rules

St. Cloud Times


Now to the positive actions taken by the council. They adopted a section on principles of civility and professional conduct from Robert's Rules of Order.


Flint City Council approves new committee leadership


A total change of the legislative's body's behavior can be accomplished by implementing Robert's Rules the right way, Davis said. Robert's Rules of ...

Sandyston appoints interim school chief

New Jersey Herald

... from New Jersey School Boards Association field representative Kathy Helewa on the use of parliamentary procedure and Robert's Rules of Order.

For The Love Of Iowa


After the final votes were counted, everyone convened in a large classroom for a town meeting. Robert's Rules of Order were followed precisely as ...


Public comments stir the ballot initiative pot

Tri County Sentry

... the use of Robert's Rules to enable better-run meetings; requires advance videotaping of staff presentations to allow more time for public comments; ...


What Clients Say...

Your expertise and knowledge enabled us to run our meetings in an orderly manner. The parliamentary procedures that you pointed out were not familiar to me and I think it contributed greatly to our success.

President LeRoy F. Saunders

American Council of the Blind