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Notes and Comments on Robert's Rules, Fourth Edition


"For anyone who has felt hog-tied and browbeaten by parliamentary procedures (or parliamentarians), I second the motion to get this book. Slaughter, Ragsdale, and Ericson turn the mystery of Robert's Rules into plain English. Notes and Comments on 'Robert's Rules,' Fourth Edition, is crisply organized, accessible to the novice, and invaluable to the practiced."
Dennis Van Roekel, President, National Education Association

"You may own a copy of Robert's Rules. You may have even read it. But to truly understand Robert's, you need Notes and Comments on 'Robert's Rules,' Fourth Edition."
Rich Trumka, President, AFL-CIO

Robert's Rules of Order has long been the standard guide to parliamentary procedure, but many readers find the manual too daunting and complex to utilize its full potential. In Notes and Comments on "Robert's Rules," Fourth Edition, authors Jim Slaughter, Gaut Ragsdale, and Jon Ericson skillfully guide users through the intricacies of the latest edition of Robert's Rules, transforming the often intimidating parliamentary guidebook into an easy-to-use tool. A reader-friendly question-and-answer format provides immediate solutions to problems that arise during meetings, and a simplified chart of parliamentary motions is available for quick reference.

An essential volume for members of nonprofits, volunteer associations, unions, condo and homeowner associations, student organizations, and government bodies, Notes and Comments on "Robert's Rules" makes parliamentary procedure accessible to meeting participants as never before. Each section of this straightforward guide is designed to empower participants with the confidence and knowledge necessary to navigate any meeting, large or small, with the utmost efficiency.

About the Authors

Jim Slaughter is an attorney, Certified Professional Parliamentarian-Teacher, Professional Registered Parliamentarian, and past President of the American College of Parliamentary Lawyers. He is a partner in the North Carolina law firm of Black, Slaughter & Black, PA.

Gaut Ragsdale, a Certified Professional Parliamentarian-Teacher and a Registered Parliamentarian, is a professor at Northern Kentucky University and Associate Dean of the College of Informatics.

Jon Ericson, the Ellis and Nelle Levitt Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Studies emeritus and a former provost at Drake University, is the original author of Notes and Comments on "Robert's Rules."

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